Takes place in Darkness Returns' aftermath (after the secret chapter)
"That's all of them," the man with a hood commented. The other man, with golden armor and a hammer, only nodded as an answer.
"So, both sides take a total casualty. It is a dark war indeed," the golden armored man replied.
"This is what war caused, after all, brother," the hooded man replied. I took a step near them, I can see a man with golden armor and a sword sheathed next to the hammer man stepped forward as well.

"Milord, I suppose it's time to move back?" he asked the hammer man. The hammer man nodded.
"Take your men back to the capital, pretend this war was difficult and full of casualty," the hammer man told him. He nodded as a reply.

"Alfarien," the hooded man called me.
"Yes, Lord of Phoenix Flames?" I replied honorably. He gazed around the entire area, in a full circle.
"Burn all these corpses," he commanded. For a moment, I was shocked but only nodded as that's how I have been trained. I gazed those dead bodies as I stepped away to rain them with the fires of the heaven.

If there's one thing I learned today, is the fact that we are stirring this war in a way none other are doing it. We have manipulated two of the most powerful factions of humanity to clash in a secluded place of Feralia and destroy them before they can escape. Truly, those two men are dangerous.

The fires slowly incinerated them to ash. I and my men burned them till none of their corpses remain, as if their presence was never here, at all.

"Alfarien," the hooded man called me when I scorched the last of 'em to ashes. I turned my head.
"Yes, milord?" I asked. He only walked away before replying.
"Let's return, we have much more to do. The ashes will dry, and that Lord of the Dead will not be able to resurrect them," he said. The sky was blood red as we took our leave.
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