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Dungeon Wars

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
This is a map created for LAN play with myself, my brothers and some friends. Important things to note about this map:
1) This is my first map or anything that I have uploaded... also it is an alpha so feel free to tear the crap out of it, just try and have a good play of the thing first, if you type mindless crap I'll probably just ignore it. lol.
2) I have used some models from this website. Primarily of note is the Frostburn infernal, which was actually more from trying to figure out what the go was with the import/export, than anything else, but I decided to leave it in as it was what taught me how to use it. I guess kind of a little bit as tribute to whomever made that tutorial/help page. If you see something and you want credit or removal just let me know.... my exposure to that stuff was after starting so forgive my ignorance.... plz
3) When using computer AI's on this map there is a chunk/lag for 1-2 seconds at the start which is a result from the computers using the spellbook ability. Personally I think that it's worth the chunk for better gameplay, so unless your suggesting something useful like a way around it please don't bother mentioning it. lol
4) If you cheat or drag the game out for a stupid amount of time you can make a hero that can do 1k+ dps or something. If you do this it will break. I do not consider this to be a bug. If you don't cheat or waste stupid amounts of time trying to make lame uber hero thats no fun to play its your problem, not my maps... you basically have to max out damage/attack speed to do..... so if your one of those, then probably just don't bother playing. lol
(P.S. I'm not dis-ing myself, I did it for testing not cause I'm a fat-head.)


Map Description:
The Idea of this map is to destroy the enemy Dragonlord. There are 2 teams each with their own Dragonlord.

Each player starts with a random hero with only a teleportation spell in your spellbook. You learn abilities (Spells, feats and presences) by spending gold and/or ability points. And then upgrade those abilities in a similar manor.
There are various commands that allow you to change spawns, difficulty levels and other stuff such as the character you are playing.

The central part of the map contains capturable locations (Shrines to upgrade your Presence, Research Facilities to upgrade your teams structures and minions and Gold Mines to increase your teams income) which help to make your team stronger.

Surrounding the Dragonlord at either side are non-capturable locations which are required to be destroyed in order to attack the Dragonlord and also which when destroyed, increase the power of the enemy Dragonlords minions that have associated powers.

Beware that if you don't play undead you may actually be required to think there are a few spots which require ranged attacks, or infernal spell or boots for warp or actually there's alot to get around it... my bro's complained about this because they both melee units, and didn't know about boots or infernal... so I thought I should mention... (For all the lazy or perhaps even brainless peoples...)

This map is something that I created for myself and others to play over LAN, but I wanted to post it in hopes that someone else might get some enjoyment out of it or better still perhaps get some new ideas or even learn something.....
And most of all in hopes of some feedback, in particular ways that I might make it better for me and my bro's...
Who knows....
Either way... its not locked or anything weird, and is using the base editor.... I don't care about credit or if anyone copies anything, I just want to help put some life into the community or something like that.... just make sure to remember that the models in it are actually from other people, so if your not noob like me then give credit...

This map works and has been played LOTS... I do however consider it to be VERY imperfect and with my lack of expertise and the items a bit incomplete (They change regularly...) and most of all the uncredited item models... I thought it best to post as alpha, hoping that there might be some possible helpful suggestions from the community...
Honestly I'm a bit nervous about it so give me crap, just don't @#$% on my face.... ;)

Thats all... Regards from Bel.

Capture, Capturable, Dungeon, Hero, multiplayer, LAN.

Dungeon Wars (Map)

04:45, 30th Jul 2010 ap0calypse: Rejected