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Dummy Unit movement

Level 6
Aug 26, 2016
I'm trying to work with projectiles and came across an error: the projectile does not fly towards the unit that is attached to the cursor. (Marked with the Target variable)

function Trig_ShootTest_Actions2 takes nothing returns nothing
local timer TimerAct = GetExpiredTimer()
local integer id = GetHandleId(TimerAct)
local unit marine = LoadUnitHandle(Hash, id, StringHash("marine"))
local unit Target = LoadUnitHandle(Hash, id, StringHash("Target"))

local unit Dummy = LoadUnitHandle(Hash, id, StringHash("Dummy")) 
local real process = LoadReal(Hash, id, StringHash("process")) + LoadReal(Hash, id, StringHash("Speed"))
local group gACT
local unit u = null

 if process > LoadReal(Hash, id, StringHash("maxDist"))  then
 call DestroyGroup(LoadGroupHandle(Hash, id, StringHash("group")))
 call KillUnit(Dummy)
 call FlushChildHashtable(Hash, id)
 call PauseTimer(TimerAct)
 call DestroyTimer(TimerAct)

 call SaveReal(Hash, id, StringHash("process"), process)
 call SetUnitX(Dummy, GetUnitX(Dummy) + LoadReal(Hash, id, StringHash("Speed")) * Cos(LoadReal(Hash, id, StringHash("angle")) * bj_DEGTORAD))
 call SetUnitY(Dummy, GetUnitY(Dummy) + LoadReal(Hash, id, StringHash("Speed")) * Sin(LoadReal(Hash, id, StringHash("angle")) * bj_DEGTORAD))
 set gACT =CreateGroup()
 call GroupEnumUnitsInRange(gACT, GetUnitX(Dummy),GetUnitY(Dummy), LoadReal(Hash, id, StringHash("Aoe")), null )
  set u = FirstOfGroup(gACT)
  exitwhen u == null
  if GetWidgetLife(u) > 0.405 and not IsUnitInGroup(u, LoadGroupHandle(Hash, id, StringHash("group"))) then
      if IsUnitEnemy(u, GetOwningPlayer(marine)) then
         call UnitDamageTarget(marine, u, LoadReal(Hash, id, StringHash("Damege")), false, false, ATTACK_TYPE_NORMAL, DAMAGE_TYPE_NORMAL, null)
         call DestroyEffect(AddSpecialEffectTarget(LoadStr(Hash, id, StringHash("BloodEfect")), u, "chest"))
  call GroupRemoveUnit(gACT, u)
   call DestroyGroup(gACT)
set Target = null
set marine = null
set Dummy = null
set TimerAct = null
set gACT = null


function Trig_ShootTest_Copy_Actions takes nothing returns nothing
local unit marine = gg_unit_H000_0003
local unit Target = gg_unit_n000_0005
local real xMarine = GetUnitX(marine)
local real yMarine = GetUnitY(marine)
local real xTarget = GetUnitX(Target)
local real yTarget = GetUnitY(Target)
local real angle = bj_RADTODEG * Atan2(yTarget - yMarine, xTarget - xMarine)
local unit Dummy = CreateUnit(GetOwningPlayer(marine), 'n001', xMarine, yMarine, angle)

local real maxDis = 1200
local real Damege = 50
local real Aoe = 90
local real Speed = 700

local string BloodEfect = "WeaponsandEffect/BloodDamage.mdx"

local timer TimerAct = CreateTimer()
local integer id = GetHandleId(TimerAct)
if xMarine == xTarget and yMarine == yMarine then
        set angle = GetUnitFacing(marine)

call SetUnitX(Dummy, xMarine + 50 * Cos(angle * bj_DEGTORAD))
call SetUnitY(Dummy, yMarine + 50 * Sin(angle * bj_DEGTORAD))

call SaveUnitHandle(Hash, id, StringHash("marine"), marine)
call SaveUnitHandle(Hash, id, StringHash("Target"), Target)
call SaveUnitHandle(Hash, id, StringHash("Dummy"), Dummy)

call SaveReal(Hash, id, StringHash("Damege"), Damege)
call SaveReal(Hash, id, StringHash("maxDis"), maxDis)
call SaveReal(Hash, id, StringHash("Aoe"), Aoe)
call SaveReal(Hash, id, StringHash("angle"), angle)
call SaveReal(Hash, id, StringHash("Speed"), Speed * 0.03)
call SaveStr(Hash, id, StringHash("BloodEfect"), BloodEfect)
call SaveReal(Hash, id, StringHash("process"), 0)
call SaveGroupHandle(Hash, id, StringHash("group"), CreateGroup())

call TimerStart(TimerAct, 0.03, true, function Trig_ShootTest_Actions2)

set marine = null
set Target = null
set Dummy = null
set TimerAct = null


function Trig_ShootTest_Copy_Conditions takes nothing returns boolean  
    return BlzGetTriggerPlayerMouseButton() == MOUSE_BUTTON_TYPE_RIGHT

function InitTrig_ShootTest_Copy takes nothing returns nothing
    set gg_trg_ShootTest_Copy = CreateTrigger(  )
    call TriggerRegisterPlayerMouseEventBJ( gg_trg_ShootTest_Copy, Player(0), bj_MOUSEEVENTTYPE_DOWN )
    call TriggerAddCondition( gg_trg_ShootTest_Copy, Condition( function Trig_ShootTest_Copy_Conditions ) )
    call TriggerAddAction( gg_trg_ShootTest_Copy, function Trig_ShootTest_Copy_Actions )