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Made out of pure boredom.
Its a a higher detail version of leopards druidess:
This one is less like a human female and more nightelf(from orc description they are larger and more muscular elves).Also first skin done with my new 6x8 graphire. :)

druid, druidess, leaves, leaf, sorceress, magic, wood, tree, forest, guard, guardian

Druidess (Texture)

THE_END: Great reskin of Leopard's original
U made her too old.. way to old.. thats an Elder Druid, not a Druidess .. with the name druidess I imagine a young NE, not an old. And she got very orcish muscles, even tho it says they have more muscles than regular elves, they shouldn't have orcish muscles.. :roll:

The leaves on her "cape" is sharp at some places, while other spots are very blurry ..

But else, the skin is overall good. 7/10
Level 7
Aug 31, 2005
I think you should walk out the line, and amplify the old look. Give her grey or white stipes in her hair, and add golden details to the armor to show prestige.
It would be cool with a matron.
And yes, the muscels are a bit overdone.
Perhaps you could give a screenshot with more of the skinned model, and less of the skin itself.
Level 3
Jun 14, 2005
i can see where its hard to make a human modle look nigth elf although this is a blood elf or watever the origonal was awesome job and i agree with Goliath
SWEET detail :!:

i just noticed the other druidess skin in the SS it would be neat to see that on a modle
Level 12
Jun 13, 2004
love the face.. im liking the cheeks, it so elegantly makes it stand out and make it femanine, as afro said i do see a texture in there, but if a texture fits, why not use it.. expecialy when its at low opacity, i think it makes it all the better the way you put it in, the body was rushed compared to teh face, i think, maybe.

Level 1
Oct 17, 2009
This looks really good 5/5 nice work .......do you think you can do a male hunter i have been searching everywhere:(:)((