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Dragonmaw Grunt (By Dragonskull)

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Dragonmaw Grunt,

Yes, I uploaded a very similar skin yesterday and feedback made me redo it, so now it is updated.
Clan Marks were wanted, so I searched up some Orc Clans and found the Dragonmaw Clan interesting. Their banner can be seen on the screenshot. Anyways, I then did my own version of the dragonhead and placed it on my Grunts helmet, and added black paintings to mark him some more.
Thus he is no longer a Barbarian, but a Dragonmaw Grunt.

I hope you like it - and comment on it.
Credits to me if you sue this in your map, and credits to Blizzard if you use the clan name.

dragon, dragonmaw, maw, grunt, orc, warrior, barbarian, brute, axe, fighter

Dragonmaw Grunt (By Dragonskull) (Texture)

THE_END: Great skin, I love that dragon you put on the helm




THE_END: Great skin, I love that dragon you put on the helm
Level 2
Aug 2, 2007
Cool, where's the path? All I ask out of these awesome model makers is that they give me the path and let me use their model, of course they let me use it, but I can't, you know why? I don't know the path and no one has yet told me how to get it.

Deleted member 157129


Deleted member 157129

Sorry to everyone for not putting a path!
Yes, I am Dragonskull (formerly Goliath the God of WC3Sear.ch - signed up as shiiK initially, because I did not know my account was still around).

I believe that is the correct path.