Draenei Shaman

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Draenei Shaman incoming, second draenei unit made, prettly much like a younger Akarma :grin:, hope you like it.

Draenei Shaman (Model)

Draenei Shaman Portrait (Model)

Draenei Shaman Icon (Icon)

Have you thought about making an uncorrupted version of Akama/Elder Sage perhaps?
I felt painful when making Draenei models since their culture context are quite...weird, it’s like Persia + Byzantine + futuristic Alien, can’t find proper existing assets to fit different classes.

Till yesterday I saw that CSW team is making Draenei models too, there is one using a pair of scythes in their concept art, don’t know if it is Akama, maybe I will just wait for them to perfectly bring notable Draeneis to reforged.