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Feb 26, 2013
Demigod ORPG

hi guys i made this map with a friend because we wanted to make an rpg that we both liked and would like to play if it existed, and so we came up with this idea.

Story:(the story its made but for now ill keep it hidden)

Ability system:

Every hero will have 12 abilities available from the trainer but only 4 can be used, so players ay choose what kind of playing strategy they will use.

There are 4 abilities for each ability slot 1-4 2-4 3-4 4-4 so some abilities cannot be used if ur using the one that ocupies that slot.

Experience system:

Heros dont gain experience while killing enemies, instead they earn souls that they use to choose the main stat to get on theyr next level up. Souls earned by weak monsters give lesser soul value but souls from powerfull creatures can be so powerfull that they can even be transformed in a stone that can be used to gain a large quantity of souls.

Crafting system:

Players will be using a recipe system to get theyr crafted gear, each recipe requires materials that need to be gathered and parts that only some bosses drop to craft powerfull items.

PvP faction system:

along the game players ay join diferent factions than the one they have on game startup, diferent factions offer different benefits and also war with other factions, being part of an enemy faction will make players battle when they meet in the game world.

Siege your enemy's city and claim victory over the war, just remeber every faction has a demigod and if really necessary they will come in aid of theyr people.

Hero system:

there are 3 types of heros STR, AGI and INT, however these heros are not bound to those stats because they may learn diferent abilities and be built diferent.

STR heros:

Destroyer - Two handed wielder that jumps into battle and has many abilities to control combat and dish out lots fo damage but still being tanky.

Dark Knight - This knight uses dark energy to deal damage, absorb damage or summon minions.

Paladin - Like in every game they use the power of the light to heal, buff, tank and damage theyr enemies, depends on the player what ability setup he wants to take.

Warlord - The warlord is used to fight in big battlegrounds and has developed abilities that allow him to damage and control crowds of enemies, but they are not so usefull vs single targets.

Warsmith - The warsmith uses buildings and walls to overcome his enemies, it may not sound good but a good warsmith can deal as much damage as any warrior because of his towers and defend himself properly with well placed walls that cripple nearby enemies.

Peltast - trained to trow large javelins at enemies, he can impale an enemy to a wall with a single shot or be built to deliver swift death to any 1 who comes close.

AGI heros:

Trickster - The rogue deceiver he uses his devices to controll his enemies at the same time that they shred his enemy's health.

Vanquisher - The Vanquisher is a dark wanderer that kills demonic creatures and worshipers, allways on the hunt, she uses many dark abilities to resist the attackers deadly blows and punish any demon or enemy she comes across.

Berzerker - Native from the orc tribes the berzerkers are fierce enemies allways ready to fight, theyr agility and battle style allows them to sacrifice theyr health to achieve great power in combat.

Ghost Walker - The ghost walker stalks his prey from the shadows waiting for the perfect time to deal a killing blow, these masters of assassination are rarely seen since the only time you will see one is after he stabs you in the back.

Ranger - Archer from the elven troops that remained after they left to the ancient forests, it still watches out for the forests and kills any 1 that threathens them.

Axe Trower - The axe trower is a hunter that has been forced to leave his lands by the undead legion, he now seeks to find what is left of his tribe and take back his home.

INT heros:

Druid: Protector of the wilds, he cures injured animals and rejuvenates old trees, he is allways seeking ways to help and to maintain balance.

Alchemist - From a healing potion to an insanity one he creates potions for his use or for using on his enemies, the result sometimes can be unexpected but its true that seeing this man work makes you imagine what kinds of potion he will craft next.

Tinker - Inventor and half machine, this goblin can be small but not his inventions he will Hammer, burn or Blast you with his inventions just choose the way you want to kill.

Mage - Fire, ice, water or lightning, he controlls all of them with perfect mastery, his enemies often underestimate him but find quickly that the mage is able than much more than shooting fireballs.

Soul Breaker - Master of control, he uses his mind to unleash painfull and crippling magic on his enemies making theyr body and mind break just by claping his hands.

Shaman - the shaman comunes with the nature and spirits making him have a higher understanding of the world around him, providing him power over the elements wich he uses to aid his allys or destroy his enemies.

There are some mistakes and things unsaid but ill leave it like this for now untill i get some feedback.
ill attach the map i have to give out now, its an early version but i am also doing this to see if i can get some people to help me out on this, i want to make the map to be enjoyable play all the way till max gear, even when on max gear people will have the war system and arena system so people can still have lots of fun.

to choose dificulty on game startup just type -mortal dont choose the other they are still very buggy. have fun and give me some feedback(i know there is alot of stuff undone and mistakes but if u can make me a list i would apreciate it alot. tell me if the idea is good and if you would like to support me in the making of this map.

remember you dont have permission to change this map.


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