Doodad cannot be placed

Level 7
Jan 11, 2022
So I've tried making a custom doodad. Downloaded a model from this forum (it doesn't matter which one, as no model i've tried works), imported it and did all necessary. The model itself appears in the editor when I try to place it, however I can't place it! it glows red like there's no room to place it, but im trying to do it on flat surface with lots of space! Can't find a solution for that
Level 36
Feb 27, 2007
Doodads can have pathing maps, and whatever doodad you based your custom one on has one that is then inherited. Set Pathing - Pathing Texture to "None" (scroll up in the list).

You can also use units with Locust as doodads, as long as they don't confer sight or have minimap icons.