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Oct 14, 2010
Map type: futuristic altered melee / aos-like / king of the hill
Table of Contents
Gameplay overview
Your input
Project status

The story takes place on the planet Geonesia1. A planet very much alike our own planet Earth. A breathable atmosphere and other geographic similarities such as large quantities of water.
2 factions - having completely opposite cultures - strive for control of the planet.

The Icarus Initiative is a liberal government that have conquered much of the world. Given the terroristic attacks of the Axis of Demogorgon, the democratic people of Icarus have installed a dictatorial government focused on security.

The Axis of Demogorgon, pretty much the only resistance, is a liberation movement that wishes to set the individual free through cybernetic technology. Due to demonizing advertisement campaigns - as well as terroristic attacks themselves - the Axis is seen as an evil faction that must be erradicated to ensure the people’s safety.

However, these 2 factions have not always been the only factions on Geonesia. Several years ago, scientists have discovered ancient libraries describing a highly technological civilization called the Zionic Dominion. It is said that 15000 years ago, Zion was an empire that unified the entire world. It is unknown what caused the fall of the civilization, but new intelligence has been made available describing an entire satellite network functioning as a defense grid. It is likely that Zion has assumed total control of the planet because of the threatening network.

Near the city of Samaël, a communications node has been discovered that may provide access to the network, which may once again reunite the planet, for better or for worse.

1. Names are subject to change

The 2 factions both strive for control of the Defense Network.
In order to gain access to the network, a faction must control the communications node for 20 minutes2.

Control can be gained by moving troops near the node. The more troops a faction has, the faster control is gained. For example, if the Icarus Initiative has 5 tanks near the comm. center and the Axis of Demogorgon has only 4 units, the former will very slowly gain control over the comm. center. Once this control is established, the 20 minutes counter will decrease.

Each player will be part of either faction and will be able to build structures and train units similarly to a melee game of warcraft 3. However, there are some significant differences:
  1. Neutral structures: In addition to the Communications Center, which must be captured in order to win the game, other neutral buildings on the map can be captured and taken advantage of. Some examples:
    1. Minor comm. center: grants access to minor satellites of the Zionic defense network. These unlock “super powers” such as revealing part of the map or firing a minor laser beam.
    2. The airfield: The airfield can be used to call down airstrikes of various types
    3. The train station provides regular reinforcements. The controlling faction can order units here (supply limit does not apply!)
    4. The industrial zone: Near the city, near the sea port, function to be determined
    5. The city: The city contains many buildings that can be fortified by infantry. At the hearth of the city lies the Communications Center.
      Several mineral fields spread over the map. While these cannot be “captured”, they are important to control / harras.
  2. Resource gathering
    • Only 1 resource is harvested: The high energy yielding minerals. These minerals are harvested pretty much like trees in warcraft 3.
    • Power stations continuously consume these minerals: don’t buy too many power stations, since if you cannot harvest enough minerals, your power stations will be iddle. Power stations output energy, represented in-game as “production” value.
    • Production value can be used to build structures or train units. In-game resource: gold. It doesn’t make much sense to have a “money” resource since it’s war. You don’t really gather money in war, you get your money from your faction. Your production value will however determine how many structures/units you can pump out.
    • I personally believe this also introduces an interesting economic element into the RTS. Rather than just having to harvest for gold / lumber (and trying to balance this, not having way more gold than wood), you must only harvest 1 resource, but must balance this harvesting with your power stations to ensure an efficient throughput.
  3. Population limit: There will be a population limit of 100 units. No need to build farms and such, but the limit is there to avoid players massing up large armies that make the game lag like hell and turn your units uncontrollable (I’m sure you’ve all seen the effects of 1000 units on certain maps in battle.net). I know, it would have been cool to have huge armies, but the engine simply doesn’t allow this. Plus, if you have the train station you can still push above the unit limit.
  4. Melee gameplay: players will be building bases and training units much like in warcraft 3. Base building will be closer to command & conquer (deploy MCV, build structures in MCV and place near your base). Each unit will be a "hidden" hero: units get stronger as they get more experienced. Additionally, there will still be some "real" heroes (unique units with abilities) available.

2. Time can be modified by the players (by voting)






Your input

I would appreciate your input, both conceptual and practical input - but mainly practical input.
Meaning I will need people who are experienced in their own field and know what they’re doing:
  • 1 Terrainer. Must be capable of creating detailed terrains (without using 25000 doodads). Try to be creative. *no* Lordaeron summer......
  • At least 1 object editor. Must be creating units / structures / abilities /... Basically the techtrees of the factions.
  • I will be programming in vJass. If you think you can help me with that, feel free to apply. Not as crucial as the other positions, since I got it covered already.

Job Requirements

  • Must be able to use World Edit Newgen
  • Must be devoted to this project
  • Preferably have experience in the area you'll be working (but devotion is way more important. I'd rather have a newby that doesn't quit than a pro that does)

Project Status
  • Terrain: starting locations mostly done
  • Techtree: conceptual stage
  • Triggers: basic triggers


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