Do you think you are good enough to Terrain... HELL?

Level 3
Oct 12, 2005
I'm looking for somebody who likes doing terrain for a 1-4 player story I've been working on. The setting is HELL. I have already completed more than 50% of the terrain, I just want someone to edit and touch up on the missing parts to make the views more catchy. The terrain is Black Citadel with some custom ground textures.

If you are somewhat interested, check out my "Realm of Shadows StoryRPG" map to see what kind of map style it will be in.

The story for this new map i have been working on for some time is:
A sqaud of 8 bad-a** heroes venture into Hell and defeat the toughest of demons to... :? well I'm not sure yet as to why they are venturing in the pits of hell. They are not necessarily "holy heroes". They are just the most elite of all heroes, so I only used the toughest looking skins and models from this site for the heroes.
Bosses already include:
Legion, Judas, Cain, Belial, Nero, and Lucifer himself. :twisted:
Mini bosses will be "The Seven Deadly Sins"
...and every boss and miniboss has its own skin or model.

Anyway, theres going to be cinematics and special events and such, I just want the terrain to look nice, but I'm not sure what to put in some parts to make it look more detailed so that it actually looks like Hell.
Things I've completed:
-Terrain of the 7 bosses' lairs in Hell.
-Units and abilities.
-Several Triggers

I have big hopes for this map. It should be like 5 times cooler than my last map, and it'd be nice if I had a lil terrain help.

If you are still interested please post or PM me, and i might send you the map.