What do you think?

What should the World Name be?

  • Keep it as it is!(Nekral)

    Votes: 5 27.8%
  • Rethion! o_O

    Votes: 4 22.2%
  • Raccoon Cute World!

    Votes: 4 22.2%
  • Another one!(Please write in a comment)

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Level 14
Jun 27, 2009
Hello Hivers,
The title says it all,
What do you think about the name of the World :p
I need hero ideas for an ORPG I am making right now,
Here is more info about the ORPG:
Nekral : The New World
Not easy at all.
Years ago, a strange event happened, destroying the very core of the world dominated by humans. A portal opened, and everyone ran inside it..
After a hour, the portal collapsed, closing the entrance to whatever was hidden to a normal eye.. Those that entered it, found themselves in ruins of a strange temple, they tried running, leaving it..
The survivors entered a weird world, seeming much less peaceful than their origins, and dominated by races they've never heard about.
Your quest, is to find the mysteries and secrets of this world..Of this new world, and break them.

-Unique heroes,
-Nice dungeons/Bossfights,
-Multiple maps,
-intense PvP,
-Civilizations and Factions/Tribes,
-Evolution (Depends), when your hero reaches a certain level, you become 'elite' or 'dark' (example : Demon Hunter, elite Demon Hunter, dark Demon Hunter)
-Probably will have professions,
-Custom triggered spells.
What I need:
Well, I need hero ideas..And maybe, ideas for the name of the world, and races within it..
Current name is Nekral, races are Trakkians (kind of Dragonspawns), Humans (logic) Nekral Elves (may be changed if the World name is changed), Orcs(essential :p) and, Nekralians (the dominating race, may be changed again if the World name is changed, they are kinds of fel harpies)..
+rep to helpers >:D and sure, cREDits


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Level 14
Jun 27, 2009
Euh...Nice name! :p
Will see, it depends on the poll ;)
Thanks for the suggestion,
thanks thanks :grin:
But, was thinking,
Should it be Argusians or Argians? (Argians is weird, sounds like ARGHH!ians)
When you want to make a hero,
here is how it should be, with an example:
Name of Class:Example Lord
Proper name(s): Exie
Element: Wind (the elements are, Wind, Water, Fire, Earth, Holy, Unholy, Lightning, Time, Nether[Is rare])
Usable weapon kind and armor kind(can be separate):
Primary attribute:(Strength, Agility, Intelligence)
Melee or Ranged? - True/False(YES! A boolean.)
Role: (Damage dealer, healer, support, tank, summon, etc.)

Story: Blablabla...A story, describing the PAST of the hero. Nothing about "dreams"..

Ability 1: Example's Strike
Strikes an enemy many times, dealing for every hit 0.25x agility.
Icon: Example
Graphic: Blink
(A total of 4 abilities, 3 normal ones, and 1 ultimate)
Level 13
Apr 2, 2008
Name of Class: Timewalker
Proper name(s): Nozan
Element: Time
Usable weapon kind and armor kind(can be separate): Swords/Daggers/Axes/Maces
Primary attribute: Agility
Melee or Ranged? - Melee
Role: Dmg dealer/supporter
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Level 14
Jun 27, 2009
Nice once again. But where are the abilities?
Also, the inquisitor sounds too..generic ^^ for the Timewalker, really nice ^^
by usable weapon kind and armor kind(can be separate) I meant that u could put this:
Weapon Kind: Sword
Armor kind: Light armors; Heavy armors
Weapon Kind/Armor Kind: Sword,Mace ; Light armor
EDIT: Here's a hero I make.

Name Of Class: Graves Seeker
Proper name: Teneris
Element: Unholy
Primary attribute: Agility
Usable Weapon kind: Swords/Daggers
Usable Armor kind: Medium
Melee Or Ranged? - Melee
Role: Damage Dealer/Summoner

Story - With only few warriors, the Grave Keepers race, falling down against the massive invasions of Orcs, tried to call The Graves Seeker - their demi-god - to help them. The grave seeker came, and instead of getting their small army pushed by Orc ravagers, it was the Grave Keeper warriors that have slain the entire army - In seconds. All this due to the power of the Graves Seeker. Now, the Grave Keepers disappeared, after humans came. Only Teneris remains.

Ability 1: Grave Slash
Teneris blinks near a target and slashes it twice, dealing 1x Agility . If the unit dies of this, Teneris will get his soul in his sword, and will summon him to fight for the Graves Seeker.
Icon: Critical Strike
Graphic: Blink

Ability 2: Ray of Power
Teneris creates a ray of power that explodes in a targeted area, dealing 2x agility. Then it creates units inside the targeted area IF some unit inside it died.The effect lasts for 5 seconds.
Icon: Flame Strike
Graphic: Flame strike >.<

Ability 3: Unholy Blade Throw
Teneris launches his blade which transforms to a glaive. The Unholy Blade attacks its target and bounces to multiple targets. For every bounce, he splits himself, but splitting means less damage.

Icon:Moon Glaive
Graphic:Moon Glaive

Ultimate ability: Dark Releasing
Teneris releases all souls he captured. He kills all of his summoned souls, and releases a powerful energy that annihilates enemies near. Deals huge damage.

Icon: BTNSplitEarth
Graphic: Don't know >.< Earthquake, probably.
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Level 5
Mar 24, 2009
Name Of Class: Rune Monk
Proper name: Gorgoroth
Element: Multi-elemental
Primary attribute: Strength
Usable Weapon kind: Staff
Usable Armor kind: Light
Melee Or Ranged?: Melee
Role: Damage Dealer/Supporter

Once upon a time there was a superior race from a planet on the galaxy Osore. On a planet lived a glorious race so called Zukkul (norse humans). The race focused on shamanism and buddhism (the race was religious and believed on super-natural beings.) But one day the great demon lord Sel attacked the race Zukkul's homeplanet. Their soul allies, the Nerukians, created a galaxy portal (leading to a another, safe planet on a unknown galaxy). When they passed the portal they entered 'The New World.... Nekral'. Ofcourse the remaining Zukkul and Nerukians didn't have a clue where they was but they sheltered on the planet Nekral. One day the remaining Zukkuls and Nerukians was attacked by a group of powerful bandits so called 'Bloodhill'. There was a great battle but the Bloodhill bandits was victorious. Every Zukkuls and Nerukians were slain in battle... except for a one Zukkul named Gorgoroth. He survived the bloody battle and now he seeks allies on the new world and seek vengeance against the Bloodhill bandits.

Ability 1: Fire Staff (Auto-cast)
Gorgoroth uses his fire staff against the enemies, doing {@} damage each time Gorgoroth hits but loses 10 mana each hit. Melee auto ability.
Icon: Soul Burn
Graphic: Volcano Missile
Role: Damage

LvL1: 50 damage, 20 mana
LvL2: 100 damage, 40 mana
LvL3: 150 damage, 60 mana

Ability 2: Meditation of Earth Spirit
Gorgoroth meditates, casting a healing shield from the earth, restoring Gorgoroth or his ally lost hit points.

LvL1: Restores 30 lost hitpoints per second. Over 6 sec. (Total healing is 180)
LvL2: Restores 60 lost hitpoints per second. Over 6 sec. (Total healing is 360)
LvL3: Restores 45 lost hitpoints per second. Over 6 sec. (Total healing is 540)

Icon: Resistant Skin
Graphic: Rejuvenation
Role: Supporty

Ability 3: Meditation of Earth Binding
Gorgoroth meditates, binding a enemy to the ground. The enemy cannot move, attack or cast any spell. Also suffer damage by {@} every 2 sec for 10 sec.

LvL1: 50 damage per 2 sec. (Total damage 250)
LvL2: 100 damage per 2 sec. (Total damage 500)
LvL3: 150 damage per 2 sec. (Total damage 750)

Icon: Root
Graphic: Slow
Role: DoT

Ability 4 (LvL 6 needed): Lava Guardian
Gorgoroth calls for help from the volcano, the Lava Guardian, to help the Rune Monk in battle. The Lava Guardian is a strong unit with unique abilities unlike the master have.

(Unit Info)
50% more hp than the master but 50% more less damage .

Icon: Flame Lord (hero)
Unit: Firelord
Graphic: Doom Death
Role: Damage

[Ability 1: Fire Ball frenzy]
[Doing low damage. 50 damage but cost 20 mana points. No cooldown.]
[Icon: Firebolt]
[Graphic: Fire Ball Missile]

[Ability 2: Summon Lava Spawn]
[Links the minion, his master and the master's allies all together in a chain. All units with Fiery Link on them will live longer, by distributing 25% of the damage they take across other Fiery Linked units. Last for 15 seconds.]
[Icon: Incinerate]
[Graphic: Demon Bolt Impact]

Icon: Lava Spawn
Unit: Lava Spawn
Graphic: Doom Death
Role: Damage

Well... that's my race. Please reply any comment.
And P.S.... I have no clue what model I should use for this hero but we can use a custom model from Hive Work Shop if that works with you, Herian.
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Level 14
Jun 27, 2009
Nice class (class, not race :p) but I have some notes:
-You could replace "Half earth Half Fire" with multi-elemental. Cause there'll be an element like that in the RPG.
-I will have to change the damages of the hero you've put, since 12 damage is really low for my ORPG (mobs will have like 300 hp first ones, this isn't a low-hp ORPG ;] )
So, more heroes ? Great and creative, you all are, in The Hive Workshop :p
EDIT: Usable weapon kind for your hero should be Gloves. Not fists >.<
Level 14
Jun 27, 2009
HunterKiller, I guess your "race"/class will have its place in The New World.
Malcous, before your TimeWalker gets integrated in The New World, he should have abilities :O

Max heroes for now will be 5 for each attribute. Probably will add 5 more for each attribute later..

One new hero of mine:
Class Name: Nemesis Monk
Proper name: Niru
Element: Nether
Primary Attribute: Intelligence
Usable Weapon Kind/Armor kind: Claws,Gloves/Light
Melee? - False
Role: Damage Dealer

Story: Niru, one of the most powerful nemesis monks, has survived the temple ruins, but, he lost one of his most powerful powers..He slowly regenerated it, but still requires to channel many energies to cast it.

Ability 1: Channel Energy
Niru needs to channel energy to cast his spells. Gives 1 energy after 3 seconds. The energy works like mana.
Icon: Orb of Fire(Item)
Graphic: None/Blink

Ability 2: Nemesis Strike
Niru uses up all energy points to create a magical wall that attacks an enemy.
With more energy, more damage:
1 energy - Will Not Work
2 energy - 50 damage
3 energy - 100 damage
4 energy - 200 damage
5 energy - 250 damage
6 energy - 600 damage
10 energy - 2000 damage
Icon: Mana shield
Graphic: Crypt fiend attack

Ability 3: Sphere of Insanity
Niru launches one of his spheres to attack multiple enemies at once. With more energy, more damage. It works like a chain lightning.
3 energy - Will not Work
4 energy - 100 damage per target
5 energy - 200 damage
6 energy - 300 damage
7 energy - 450 damage
8 energy - 900 damage
10 energy - 1500 damage
Icon: Orb of Darkness(Item)
Graphic: Attack normal enhanced with Orb Of Darkness

Ultimate ability: Nemesis Call
Niru kills one enemy unit. May not be a boss, or a too high level unit/Hero. The unit explodes, dealing very high damage to all units nearby. Huge cooldown. Requires 5 energy to work.
5 energy - 500 damage
6 energy - 600 damage
7 energy - 700 damage
8 energy - 1000 damage
9 energy - 1200 damage
10 energy - 1500 damage
11 energy - 2000 damage
12 energy - 2200 damage
Icon: Shimmering Portal
Graphic: Mana shield on the target. It explodes with a SPECIAL death (when killed by a splash)
Level 14
Jun 27, 2009
Hunter, it's good, goood, gooood...
EDIT: yes you can use model.
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Level 2
Feb 20, 2010
Class name: Lightning Keeper
Proper Name: Vordu
Element: Lightning
Primary Attribute: Intelligence
Usable Weapon/Armor: Staff / Light
Melee: True
Role: Damage Dealer

Story: I'm bad at stories, so I'm not even gonna try


First off, this hero would use mana in a different way than most. His/her mana would represent electrical energy built up in his/her body. The heroes' auto attacks would increase this energy, up to a maximum of 100. This energy should slowly drain while not in combat.

Ability 1
Shock: Vordu release some of his electrical energy on the target, dealing a decent amount of damage.

Costs 15 mana

Ability 2
Lightning Nova: Vordu releases electric energy in all directions, damaging all nearby units.

Costs 35 mana

Ability 3
Lightnig Shield: Vordu places a ward of lightning around himself, absorbing attacks. While the shield holds, the attacker will take damage.

Costs 20 mana

Ultimate Ability
Dispersion: Vordu disperses into ball of pure electric energy and launches himself inside a target, electrocuting it from the inside, doing damage over time based on how much energy he had. If the target dies while Vordu is inside, It explodes, dealing damage to all nearby enemies. After the unit dies or the effect ends, Vordu reverts himself back to his normal form.

Costs 50 mana minimum, consumes all mana.
Level 9
Jan 7, 2010
I thought up of a race for you...

Skhelomnotagis race, extremely rare and ultra herd to beat :pshock: Meant to look like skeletons.
Level 14
Jun 27, 2009
The skhethingotagis race should have emm... Units, please? >.>
fogrn, nice hero
EDIT: No skeletons in that world. It's a new world, you already killed the whole population? :x
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Level 14
Jun 27, 2009
Lol. Viper, by the way... There's another thread in Idea factory, this was in wrong forum section. Check there. And if you want to be tester... Contact in X-fire/Garena.
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