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[Campaign] Diablo's Labyrinth Lord! (Dungeon Keeper inspired campaign)

Level 17
Feb 19, 2009
I'd like to introduce you guys to my newest pet project: Diablo's Labyrinth Lord! You play as the big red menace himself, Diablo! In a tribute to the gameplay style of Dungeon Keeper, you'll explore complex underground dungeons and turn them into full blown Labyrinths. Waves of heroes will eventually come to attack, and you'll have to use your minions, defensive structures and traps to mount the ultimate defense and beat them back. The goal is to keep your Dungeon Heart intact through multiple waves of enemies, using Diablo's powerful abilities (inspired by his depiction in HotS) and a variety of deadly demonic units.

My ultimate goal here is to eventually turn this into a multi-level campaign, where the player fights through various challenging maps with brutal enemies. Every level will play differently, with certain units not avalible (or simply not conveniently produced) in some. Some special minions may even be exclusive to their own levels.

I have ambitious plans for this and want to see it shine, but I need help to do it. This is a project I need help with. I'm looking for:

-Playtesters. Even for just this demo, I need feedback on balance, presentation and fun.
-Campaign editors. I have no experience with the campaign editor and could really use help learning it.
-Simple model editors. People to help make small changes to the models I'm using. For small things like portraits not working and maybe unique enemies.

You can find the map here:
Diablo's Labyrinth Lord on Pastebin
Updates on a semi-regular basis. Be sure to check back here for new updates!

To simulate the feel of what the overall campaign will be, I went to the extra effort to make a bunch of attack waves you'll have to fight against. But you'll have to trigger them yourself with codes.

Gameplay Codes:
"Go" - Orders all enemies in the spawn zone to attack your Dungeon Heart. Defend it at all costs! "The spawn zone" is the area at the very central north peak of the map behind a gate.
"Clean" - Removes all units from the spawn zone so you can spawn more. Make sure none of your own units are in there!
"Cheat" - Raises Diablo and Mephisto's levels to 10.
It's recommended that you don't destroy the gate outside the spawn zone, because whether it opens and closes is a good way to know if your code worked.

Spawn Codes
"Hobs" - Spawns a Hobbit attack wave. Easy to slaughter, really meant early early game leveling more than anything.
"Cowlevel" - Tauren attack wave. Anyone else in the mood for Beef Wellington?
"Barbar" - Barbarian attack wave. Whirlwind not included!
"Royals" - Knight attack wave. Humanity is in peril!
"Pandas" - Pandaren attack wave. This will be grizzly!
"Dwarves" - Dwarven attack wave. Riflemen and Mortar Teams that will tear you to ribbons if you're not careful.
"Scourge" - Undead attack wave. You might lose your life to Ner'Zhul!
"Nightelf" - Night elf attack wave. When nature attacks!
"Trolls" - Troll attack wave. Don't feed 'em!
"Orcs" - Orc attack wave. Lok'tar Ogar!
"Naga" - Naga attack wave. Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water!
"Ultimate" - Careful with this one. The AI will throw everything it has at you. There's only one attack wave stronger.
"Demon-Traitors" - Time for a mirror match! The AI will attack with you the kind of units you've been using! Don't like the taste of your own medicine?
"Demon-Traitors-Boss" - Okay, THIS is the toughest wave. The enemy will throw infernals, doom guard and Fel Bats at you. Fel Bats are about as powerful as Frost Wryms. Don't fight these guys until you have the best defend possible.
"Angels" - Send out heroic angels to rip you apart! They deal chaos damage!
"Angels-Boss" - Angellic warriors that deal chaos damage AND a powerful boss hero with them. Meant to be an incredibly tough wave. Get your crap together before you fight these guys!
"Wolfenstein" - Germany WW2 soldiers. Mein Lieben!
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Level 17
Feb 19, 2009
New update! This was originally just supposed to be a small update, but ended up getting a lot bigger.

  • New Hero added: Baal! An agility based combatant who excels at confusing and crippling enemies! Has Dark Effigy (a unique version of mirror image) Frost Nova, Mana Shield and Locust Swarm.
  • Map size has been expanded, and a new enemy base for your rival dungeon keeper has been added. A very tough battle awaits behind the gate to his fortress, so temper your mettle before you strike!
  • Quality of life improvement: the command codes are now listed in the map itself via a quest. Now you don't have to open up a web page, the world editor or a notepad to remember what codes to use!
  • Improved mercenary camps to better represent what they'll be like in the campaign. Now you can hire a variety of skeletal minions to bolster your army! Great for early game when you can't get a lot of units, but becomes obsolete during late game.

At this point, I feel like the "base" of the campaign is about as done as it's gonna get. The next step is to actually convert this all into a campaign file. That's gonna be the most daunting task, because it's the one I have the least experience in. Help from a volunteer to get this running would be a life-saver.
Level 1
Jan 2, 2023
I presume this map is for v1.30+ only? On v1.27 it doesn't even show up in the map selector list.