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Diablo vs. Diablo 2

Diablo vs. Diablo 2

  • Diablo is better

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  • Diablo 2 is better

    Votes: 11 64.7%
  • I love both

    Votes: 6 35.3%
  • They both suck, screw them

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Jul 17, 2007
Diablo vs. Diablo 2, I'm bored so i decided that i'm going to make a poll about these 2 games.

Diablo Pros and Cons(my opion)

Pros: The darkness in this game, really is actually important in my opion a lot more than in Diablo 2, also i think that the game, is a lot harder than Diablo 2, not counting Nightmare and Hell mode, also in my opinion, the music in Diablo kicks ass, i love the tristram theme, and the music in the dungeons are nice too.

Cons: 3 classes, thats pretty bogus, also some monsters in that game, are way way to dam hard to kill, like the succubus(warriors you know what i'm talking about). With a warrior, trying to kill them, was a freaking nightmare, unless you had a bow, you'd have to replace it with patience. The rooms were also constantly fulled up with like 50 million mobs. Oh yes, i just love how fast you move, its great, no it isnt, its a freaking nightmare. Its also pretty odd that after a while, you realize that the WHOLE game really, takes place in a dungeon. I was actually scared the first time i played this game, i have no idea why, yea yea laugh.

Diablo 2 Pros and Cons(my opion)

Pros: 7 classes counting the expansion, I also like the fact that there are some other paths that classes can take, that will utterly change the whole purpose of their class, such as a fire enchant socerer, which can do a hell of a lot of damage for that class. The game is longer also, and there are lots of quests. The way you move is not so blocky and set up like a grid, unlike Diablo, and the fact you can run, CAN RUN, IS A HUGE improvement from Diablo, because in Diablo you were one slow ass bastard(i mean the character, not you :p).

Cons: This game is pretty dam easy, and i sorry to say i'm not exactly the biggest fan of the music, except for Act V maintown music. I have to also say, once you beat the game, it gets pretty dam boring. Oh yea, Hardcore mode doesnt count, because its a horrible piece of crap. There are a few monsters that piss me off, such as the lighting bugs in Act II, and in Act IV, the dam Venom lords, and those Death Knight guys that have iron maiden which slaughters melee. Most of the bosses are also too easy, Andareal was not hard, just try to avoid the posion. Duriel hurts, but doesnt have much skills or abilities. Mephisto...hard? lol thats funny, Mephisto is a fucking joke. Now Diablo is quite challanging, he can hurt the ranged folks, and melee, watch out for his fire nova and his red beam of death, if you have decent fire resistance, than you should do fine. Nightmare and Hell are boring, and the bosses get really harder, a little too harding. Keep in mind that you resistance gets fucked up big time.

Conclusion: Diablo in my opinion, is more challanging, i also like the music. Diablo II is fun while it lasts, the Nightmare and Hell options are pretty lame and boring. Hardcore mode is freakin crazy too. Overall, I love both games, sure they both have flaws, some major ass flaws. But hey, they are still fun:infl_thumbs_up:
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