Diablo III Warcraft Beta v1.19b

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This map has been based on the Diablo III Gameplay Video. You may even recognise a few of the in-game events if you've seen it! Please remember that this is a beta version, and may still contain bugs. Anyone can host this online, just let me know if you find any major flaws in the game :)


New Classes will be available as Blizzard reveal them :)

Any comments and criticism you guys have is most welcome :)

New Features for this version:

Version 1.19b
- Fixed Major Siegebreaker bug
- Boss ultimates no longer damage themselves
- Fixed minor pathing bug
- Tooltip updates
- A few terrain updates

Version 1.19
- New Class: Monk
- Refined Auto-balancing systems
- A few new items
- Major reterraining
- New hi-res skins by Cycloverid
- New models for various units
- Various Bug Fixes

New Features for this version:

- Several New models and skins
- New Interface
- New Icons
- Several new items
- Full Screen Inventory System
- Auto-balance system (player number dependant)
- Major Terraining updates
- Improved triggering in several areas
- Archivist Cinematic added (Random occurence)
- A few new spells for each class
- Removed Tyrael to make room for extra custom imports.
- New boss abilities
- Custom sounds and music
- Players are now team coloured
- Healing globes heal percentage instead of set amount.
- New events throughout the map
- Now possible to walk back through the entire map
- Several bug fixes from v1.17
- Lots of other small tweaks that ive forgotten about :)

New Features for this version:

- Fixed Camera (By Na_Dann_Ma_GoGo)
- New Hero Picker
- Additional Items
- New Barbarian Fury System
- All items are now class specific
- Increased Caster item drop rates
- Fixed Pathing in several areas

New Features for this version:

- Fixed Hotkeys
- New Terraining for dungeon area
- New SFX and animations for various spells
- Buffed up the bosses some more
- Cleave now lasts 12 seconds instead of 10
- Zombies that spawn after seigebreaker are now removed when tyrael starts (lag reduction)
- Changed light filter to make the game slightly brighter
- Defeat Message now works

New Features for this version:

- New Revive system
- Revives now displayed as lumber, to free 6th slot
- Players can now trade their lives via F11
- resurrected heroes become invulnerable for a few seconds
- Players can resurrect after death if someone trades them a life.

- Revamped Dispatch
- Damage now varies depending on mogrol level
- No longer damages allies
- Can no longer target enemy creeps

- Re-terrained one of the dungeon rooms
- Thousand Pounder has been Redone.
- Fixed Barbarian Walk Speed
- Added new items
- Buffed up the bosses some more

New Features for this version:

- Repick option added
- Revamped the Skeleton King boss
- New Items
- Minor Terrain Updates
- Changed a few unit models
- fixed health drops for various enemies
- Altered item drop rates slightly
- "Dispatch" ability added to Witch Doctor
- Class descriptions in quest menu
- Reduced fog thickness slightly

New Features for this version:

- Fixed bug where skeleton kings summons belong to the wrong player
- Added Gnarled Walkers before SiegeBreaker
- Reterrained final boss arena to look more like the trailer
- Rebalanced several units
- Ghouls during the "murloc" mini boss are now stronger
- Reward for saving Deckard Cain
- A portal is opened after the skeleton king, instead of auto teleport
- 1 new item
- more ghosts in chest trap
- Agility no longer gives increased attack rate
- Cleave ability is now casted instead of permanent
- Buffed up several items
- Fixed a few description typo's
- changed SFX on the portals after killing the siegebreaker

New Features for this version:

- Boney Chest Piece DISBTN Fixed
- New Terrain
- Changed fog colour to better suit the gameplay videos
- Rebalancing of several creeps
- New Model for Thousand Pounder
- Thousand Pounder now casts rage on itself at 4000hp (Faster Attack Rate)
- New Enemy Unit "The Unburied" as seen on the official site
- Skeleton King Inferno has larger area of effect
- Fixed Stamina description
- Lvl 4 Mongrol bug fixed
- Seismic Slam now has some extra sfx

New Features for this version:

- 14 New Items to increase diversity in characters
- All item drops 100% randomised! Different items every time you play :)
- Skeleton king animations fixed (He no longer freezes when casting inferno)
- Skeleton King now drops a reward item
- Extra levels for Witch Doctor spells
- Yet more description typo fixes
- Fixed bug where units fall off of bridges
- Added some new knockback spells to the siegebreaker
- Reduced collision size further to prevent players from blocking eachother
- Now compatible with the standard world editor! Thanks Bartimaeus! :)

New Features for this version:

- Fixed major inventory bug (allowed players to move items into slots that cant hold them)
- Skeleton Kings Inferno spell now deals damage per flame, rather than all at the end
- Fixed the alpha channels on the Wizard skin
- More description fixes (Where do these keep coming from?? o_O)
- Rebalanced a few creeps
- Added some extra damage to bosses

New Features for this version:

- New inventory system [made by myself :D]
- New animation for Seismic slam
- buffed up mogrols
- increased stats of various creeps / bosses
- new SFX on soul harvest
- Fixed hotkeys for newer skills
- Updated a few descriptions
- Tidied up my trigger layout (No more "copy copy copy")

New Features for this version:

- Brand New User Interface
- Fixed gold cost on items
- stat changes for various units
- News command icons

New Features for this version:

- Removed newer unused imports to reduce file size
- Heroes no longer fall off of bridges
- Added some new SFX to various spells
- Updated spell descriptions
- Another new caster item in game
- New preview pic
- updated models
- Fixed pathing for various areas
- Rebalanced several units

New Features for this version:

- Removed Warrior Class. Lets face it, he wasnt really all that good :)
- Added some new caster items
- Minor Terrain Updates
- Fixed stacking bug
- Fixed Thunder Hammer Bug
- Removed in-game minimap (it kinda made it awkward to play)
- Creeps spawn after finishing the chest-trap
- Skeleton and "murloc" style Boss' made harder
- Added a movie trailer to the website!
- New model for zombie casters
- Reduced collision size slightly

New Features for this version:

- New Item Description Format
- Charged items now stack
- Rage system for Barbarian
- 3 New Items
- New Loading Screen
- New Preview Picture
- Minimap Image
- Various unit stat changes
- "Magic Missiles" ability for the Wizard
- Removed a few unused imports

New Features for this version:

- Descriptions have been redone
- Now with auto player dependant difficulty levels
- Altered drop rate of orbs
- Brand new event (Not in the trailer, but it bulks out the gameplay some more)
- VoidWalker miniboss has more dmg
- New Items
- Fixed some typos
- Rebalancing for various creeps
- Lighting effects to help add some colour to the environment
- No longer protected! I'm gonna make it 100% open source as it should be :)

New Features for this version:

- Updated Terrain (More custom doodads, and a much nicer atmosphere!)
- More variety of creeps
- Knockback system for various spells!
- Removed a few custom models to reduce file size
- Replaced the Cave Dragon mini boss with a new one. Lets face it, he looked pants :p
- Health and mana globe drops are now random
- Pulse ability added to the Wizards Time Shield
- Added some in game conversation (e.g. when you meet cain)
- Replaced the "Puppeteer" boss with the Skeleton featured in the wizard trailer
- Typo fixes
- Added some extra events featured in the videos.

New Features for this version:

- Blood no longer cause SFX Leaks
- Randomized Zombie Scaling
- The clock SFX with tyrael actuall dissapears now :D
- Only melee damage cause enemies to bleed
- Terrain Updates! Outside terrain looks more like the official trailer
- Wizard now has the "Time Shield" ability
- Fire Bombs explode on impact
- New SFX on various abilities
- The beginings of some trigger spells
- Deckard Cain now featured in game as an allied NPC
- Now featuring mana globes as well as health!
- New Preview Pic
- Now Protected (PM me if you wish to make a mod)

New Features for this version:

- More blood from damaging your enemies!
- Health Globes are now red instead of orange :)
- New Secret Area
- Witch Doctor has a new ability
- Minor Bug Fixes
- Tyrael as a boss
- Minor Terrain Improvements



- Xezko
- levigeorge1617
- Archian
- expresso
- Afronight_76
- Vestras
- General Frank
- Cavman
- Midnighters
- FrIkY
- Misha


- Mr.Goblin
- Cycloverid


- Skrik
- Mr. Frank (Spire Inc.)

Other Systems:

- Paladon


THIS MAP IS PROTECTED Due to the sheer amount of file-space necessary for all our map, we have optimised it to make the overall file-size as small as possible. This unfortunately makes the map unable to load in the editor. However, you can download a larger unprotected version here

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Diablo III Warcraft Beta v1.19b (Map)

Vengeancekael Date: 2012/Sep/14 21:47:18 [Please do not send me a message, use Staff Contact] Comment: [Approved] This map's rating has been raised to 4/5 from 3/5 due to the addition of the amazing inventory system. The map's main factor would...
Level 2
Dec 5, 2011
This map is good to play and very fun, its just a shame that you cant actually download the "larger unprotected version" of the map
Level 30
Sep 30, 2008
This map is good to play and very fun, its just a shame that you cant actually download the "larger unprotected version" of the map

Does anyone have a copy of the unprotected version they could ping my way? I unfortunately lost it when my old PC died ;)

If so, then I can upload it to my new hosting provider for public download :)

Dr Super Good

Spell Reviewer
Level 62
Jan 18, 2005
:( why? i mean this is a nice map
The authors stopped development on the map over 4 years ago. A combination of real life duties and that they had mostly completed what they set out to achieve. The map is based on early alpha/beta footage and gameplay of Diablo III. Since it achieved all that there was no reason for development to continue.

It now has little in common with Diablo III due to the massive changes that occurred during Beta, release and expansion. However at the time of development the mechanics were quite close to what Diablo III was.
Level 20
Feb 2, 2006
Good map but:
- Items drop for classes which are not selected by any player.
- In the end when it fades to black you can still press escape, open the inventory, close it and you will see the game again. I killed all units with this bug and won the game.
- Witch Doctor in the beginning with Wizard is much easier than Wizard with Barbarian since the Witch Doctor summons his minions.
- No shop - too many dropped items?
- Too many equipment types (I never had rings etc.).
- Potions are not added to the potion slots automatically when picked up.
- Some red stuff was bugged. The other player did not see its description (no multiboard) and he could not drop it.
Level 4
May 26, 2020
Awesome. one of the best maps that I have ever played. Easily finished solo with barbarian.

Is diablo 3 this short tho? I haven't played the original.

I hope you update soon