Diablo III Beta-Key Sweepstakes

Level 15
Apr 18, 2011


Want to lead the charge against the minions of the Burning Hells before the game releases? Then join the fight for the fate of Sanctuary by entering the Diablo III Beta Key Sweepstakes!
Starting October 17, we’ll be randomly selecting 200 winners each week to receive a key to our exclusive Diablo III beta test. In addition, every fourth winner chosen will receive a second key to share with a friend! Drawings will occur every Monday for eight weeks for a total 2,000 keys.
Interested? Good! Signing up is easy. Simply follow Diablo on Facebook and complete our official entry form between now and December 12 for your chance to win. For more information about how to participate, check out the sweepstakes rules and eligibility page. Good luck!
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Level 24
Mar 19, 2008
I'm not fan of Facebook too DSG ;P

I signed to D3 beta about ~2 years ago (yeah you could select 'be ready for D3 beta!' in your account; it was bnet 1 still).
I had sc2 beta key, wow cata key, hope now d3 one! :p I'm waiting patiently D;

Unfortunately Poland users don't get keys quickly ;(( our bnet community and bnet Polish unit is still far away from many other contries.