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Level 4
May 20, 2011
Hey All,

I've been having really severe problems with De-Syncing in Warcraft 3 recently. Does anyone know a workaround to fix such a problem? I'll be in the match or a custom game for a few moments (5-10min) then randomly disconnect.

Level 11
Jun 2, 2004
Desyncs are usually the fault of the map. If it's all sorts of maps, you might have some data corruption; a reinstall will fix that.

If it's a disconnect and not a desync, that might be your internet connection.

Dr Super Good

Spell Reviewer
Level 64
Jan 18, 2005
Reinstall Warcraft III to rule out data errors with the install. Do not run any application that modifies Warcraft III. Restart Warcraft III between playing different maps.

If using WIFI or other wireless internet then it could be caused by the inherient unreliability of wireless communication. In such case try a wired connection such as Ethernet to ADSL.

If the map you are playing is your map, or the same map, then it could be a problem with the map itself. Incorrect usage of GetLocalPlayer, among other things, will cause players to desynchronize.
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