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Demon Witch

This bundle is marked as director's cut. It exceeds all expectations and excels in every regard.
The Demon Witch

Replaces the hero bloodelf or kael texture.
Icon set not completed.
Featured is portrait icon and ulti: The Cacophony of the Damned

demon, witch, warlock, mage, damned, hell

Demon Witch (Texture)

THE_END: Great skin anti, glad to see your submitting this here.




THE_END: Great skin anti, glad to see your submitting this here.
Level 5
Oct 7, 2007
This is Definatly a very nice Skin. I like the way the Skulls are used to censor him xD I'd give you a 9/10. Because the Cape doesnt realy fit (It's all raped and such) to the rest of his Uber Body. If you'd make that Cape look like it's new, with like some Skulls on it or something, it would make me Happy.
Level 1
Jun 24, 2009
Its a guy so it wouldnt be a witch but a warlock. awsome skin tho =) 10/10

I do fully agree!!! it's a dude OMFG Not a girl... It's like te demon witch in dota... Think "that looks more like a guy than a girl to". Well enought complaining:grin: Pretty awsome skin 9/10 like it. :pal::cute::spell_breaker::spell_breaker::spell_breaker::spell_breaker::huh::witch_doc_sad::infl_thumbs_up::infl_thumbs_up::infl_thumbs_up:
Level 3
Dec 29, 2010
Couldn't believe that this was actually a unit and not a drawing... AWESOME WORK! One of the best that I've come across here so far! 10/10!