Death Bringer Katana

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Death Bringer Katana
A request from Sellenisko for his Death Bringer

v1.0 [30.01.2014] - Uploaded

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Enjoy and give me credits for my work!

Katana, Sword, Blade, Bone, Death, Dark, Darkness, Undead, Skeleon, Sharp, Weapon

Death Bringer Katana (Model)

12:48, 1st Mar 2015 MiniMage: Neat.
You're telling me this epic sword is only 10 KB? Nice!

The wrap on the blade is a little stretched, but it's only noticeable because everything around it is so detailed. That's still nowhere near important enough of a flaw to stop me from giving this a 5/5.

Edit: You made this for Sellenisko's new model? Awesome! I love his work too and this attachment really fits his style!