Deadly Hate, (needing a team)

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Well I’m here again, is nice talking to myself!
I’m here to tell you about this project that is almost done for the beta:

If i get help i will release the naga, blood elves and demons.
The map is a "melee" map that will feature humans, elves, dwarves, night elves, satyrs, naga, undead, demons, nerubians, orcs, trolls and taurens


Objetive: Create a plataform for several terrainers to create series of maps like on the wc3 melee, also to serve as a plataform for custom campaings, rpgs, etc. With some rules about modifications etc. And to atract again the wc3 player to the clasic melee construction style.

-A modeler please: Need an Arcane Guardian model (ill give specifications), and some other things =P. Seriusly this project is a promise, im a perfectionist and im in need of you to end the beta. The ones who join will become the “Deadly Hate” crew. I will show you the map and we may start working together, by now almost it all is done.

History: A passage to an ancient underground kingdom has been discovered, and the treasures held here have lured all the races from Azeroth. It is sayd that this forsaken land brings out the worst of any heart who dares to beat and exist in it.
Many craven races are here to gain power, but they all will find themselves lost to the bloodlust, and they all shall fight with a deadly hate.

(New modes:) Mercenary camps now sell structures that can be used to train mercenaries instead of hiring them.

Also i have added the assasin crew, from where u can hire hero killer assasins (they are axpensive and they are in fact hired).

Some items also upgrades hero skills, and added the item system to avoid bug (i havent done this yet, but i need a triggerer for that).


This is an Altered Melee Map (Yes, yes… another altered melee map? NO, Indeed)

I made this to make justice to the melee WC3 gameplay; if you have played it you might have noticed that it is in fact good, but there are many things that you might don’t like.

(Things like this), the items become bored at certain point (obviously Blizzard was kind of shy when doing items, of course that doesn’t mean I’m going to do bugged items. No way, if you get to find something like this I’ll be glad when you people make your reports). There is a little range of variety when comes to units, races, and heroes. The terrain becomes bored also (The symmetry has always been good, but let’s be honest; you can get bored of so much symmetry. So I made a symmetry map terrain but with some new features, and it is designed for you to explode all the races abilities).
There is the number of things I have changed:

*1 Heroes sometimes are not good enough and there are armies that sometimes can cover all the screen and control them might become difficult. So I have set the maximum number of heroes to 1, so you can have a best control of your army. But in balance I had upgraded the heroes; they receive the racial bonus from their race (or races for a half-breed such has the Dark Ranger or the Beastmaster, of course the bonus is reduced) and they receive a basic sealed ability. As an addition some powers grant passive bonus to the heroes (arrow powers such like searing arrows grants bonus attack range and trueshot aura grants bonus agility).

Im also doing my own terrain, i tried to make it epic for 10 players, and added some life to it, here you can take a look:

Yes in fact the critters are alive, they are invulnerable and have locust. Youcan remove em with -remove critters

As you see im still doing the terrain, but the elves are done for playing, i just need the last codes.

So as you all might have noticed, one hero becomes enough, they had become really powerful, and an army can suffer when fighting them.
Ha! I forgot =P

*2 the heroes get a bonus upgrade ability at Lvl 10, I’ll give an example of the fixes I’ve made to the heroes so you can take a look:


Blood Mage (Blood elf)
3 Arcane Heart: (Blood elves –This is the racial- they receive 10% bonus base mana and base mana regeneration, they have 33% spell damage reduction, units with magic attack get bonus base damage based on their food cost, as a compensation to heroes, they get 10% bonus intelligence. Also the caster upgrades grant bonus base damage)

*4 so the sealed base ability of the Blood Mage is this:
Master Arcanist (Sealed): He gets 5 bonus base intelligence points, 44% spell damage reduction (11% more than normal blood elf, and the same amount of the banish spell damage bonus) and he can switch between hero attack type and magic attack type.

Flame Strike: I just increased the damage slightly, this power is really strong. If you r noob enough to leave your units in the affected AoE they deserve to die.

Banish: Added a second cooldown.

*5 Siphon mana: This becomes the upgrade ability; it increases the max mana of the hero by 100 for each level.

Phoenix (ultimate): Made the Phoenix stronger, (Ultimate summons now have hero type armor) and to balance I have granted the phoenix the ability to switch between hero and magic damage. (I have added elementals and hero –Pets– summons hero damage, of course chaos will always be considered superior, but chaos now deals less damage against buildings).

6* Avenging Fire (Hero lvl 10 bonus): Increases the base damage of the hero and his phoenix by 7, increases the damage dealt by the Phoenix Fire, and also increases the damage dealt by Flame Strike, and now it only deals damage against enemies. Please do not surprise when your hero learns all his skills and then there appears a surprising congratulation animation (different for each hero).

7* Also there are items that can upgrade hero abilities (of course in some cases they become “undroppable”).
So like this u all might have an idea of how strong the heroes have become, you will need only one (and for those curious there are four heroes in the Blood elves, not only the Blood Mage, if u want info about them play the map –when I have uploaded it-).

8* If there is any need of info in the game I took the time to do detailed in-game text descriptions (I made it Dotish, kind of, in some aspects it becomes more detailed)

9* I have also introduced unit classifications:

The light blue is the info about the unit classification
The orange is the role that the unit can play in the game


Assault units: They are good at dealing damage, but they are weak and they don’t receive damage that good. They are best to use in short attacks and they must be used with cunning, taking them far from battle and spell damage points and placing them in the top of their damage capacity. Best attack and run, attack and run, ambush, attack and repeat.

Troop units: They are regular damage dealers, their best capacity is to slay assault and assassin units, wich are designed to kill individually. They become good in large groups, but that also makes them weak when fighting AoE casters, Wyrm units (Creatures of AoE damage) and Tanks such as the Mountain Giant.

Swarm Units: These units are really weird (believe me, u all will love them, and hate them; they will remind you of those zombies from resident evil), they are capable of sustain themselves and increase their numbers, they become a real problem in large groups. In this classification enters the Hydra (Wyrm/Swarm for their spawning deaths) and the Arcane Guardian, wich is a mechanical guardian capable of repairing (with automaticysm upgrade the repair time becomes short and the cost too). They can also cast Recovery wich heals the unit for 400 hp, and Refill wich restores 100mp for 200 hp. The arcane guardian cannot regenerate mana and has a 100 max mp. And with their automaticysm upgrade when they die, they spawn an Arcane Generator (Power Generator model, degenerates life, mechanical), it can be targeted by the Arcane Guardian to revive another Arcane Guardian. This might remind u of Age of Mythology with their Atlantic Automate Robots.

Tank Units: Designed to resist great amounts of damage and to distract enemies. They are also slow and they deal a good damage but of course they are expensive. Such as the Steam Tank (Siege/Tank) and the Mountain Giant (Tank).

Assassin Units: These ones are weird, can be hired in the “Assassins Crew” or can be summoned by some sort of ability. They are special units designed to deal high unit damage and to kill heroes. They are weak against spells but they resist the curses and can resist with their abilities the physical damage (defend, evasion, ethereal form, invisibility, morphs, polymorphs, illusion, etc). And when I say they are weird I mean it!, I have changed the mercenary system, so you all may use mercenary units as if they were normal units (training, instead of hiring).

: These types of units are in fact kind of equilibrated; their damage capacity is equilibrated to their capacity to resist it. So they can be offensive and defensive at the same time. This unit has some casting and battle abilities.

Control: These units are capable of using their abilities to control certain aspects of the battle (such as the Dragonhawk and the Spell Breaker “Control/guardians”)

Wyrms: The epical heavy units, they are good at dealing large amounts of AoE damage and they have great amounts of life. Frost Wyrms, Hydras, Dragons, Chimaeras, Nether Dragons, etc.

Siege: Units designed to siege attacks and to destroy buildings with their long ranges. This is a subdivision, because a siege unit can be: siege/assault such as ballista, meat wagon, glaive thrower, demolisher, (most of them) and they can be also tank/siege such as the steam tank. In this case the Raider becomes siege/assault/control.

: Is there any further need to say something, i think not.

Now there are the Caster classifications:

Trickster: Casters of insulting magics, they can have confusion/defensive spells; they also have curses and manipulating spells that allow them to “insult” the enemies in battle. The use of their spells in a cunning way is what make them tricksters (Sorceress, Banshees, Naga Sirens for instance). They can prove to be versatile in battle.

Support: The support casters must at least have a healing ability, something that could save a unit from dying (This is the reason why Blizzard included the Banshees in the Support list). The perfect example of this is the Priest wich is better healing than damaging. Support summon list includes: Runes, wards, spirits and even elementals.

: They are capable of giving battle support to units and themselves (Abilities wich increase the battle capacities of the units; Inner Fire is a support/empower for their armor and damage bonus. Unholy frenzy and Bloodlust are purely Empower abilities. The best example is the Shaman; can increase the battle capacity of your army and also their defense against magical buffs and summons.

: Casters wich are made for offensive battle spells such as necromancers and warlocks. They can have summoning abilities and enforce powers, but when their function becomes more offensive they become Warlocks. They are good at dealing great amounts of damage. The necromancer is a warlock by instance; can summon offensive servants, increase damage capacities and use their cripple curse (trickster ability) to avoid enemies from scaping and reduce its attack capabilities. And well, whenever a caster has summoning and offensive spells, they are warlocks. The line between a shaman, a mage and a warlock is the summoning difference (For the shamans are the wards and the called “spirits”, for mages are elementals, and for warlocks are ghosts, specters, undead and demons. Of course this unit type is not WoW classes but the unit role in battle). For this reason a shamanic unit or a mage unit will never enter in the warlock class.

Breakers: adept at purely dealing spell damage. Their damage is not good against heroes but they are good at dealing damage to units and sometimes to buildings. Generally u might find this type of casters in mercenary camps and weirdly a 3-4 food cost caster. As their name say, they are good at breaking enemies.

Druid: This must be a special class, cause of their morph abilities. Of course they will always have the subdivisions. (Talon: Druid/Trickster, Claw: Druid/Empower).

I have also changed some things to the towers, and I am glad to say that the blood elves have best (and more expensive, and complicated) towers. They can spend their mana to upgrade their capacities. I have also added the tower classification:

Station Tower: These are basic towers, they cannot attack by themselves but they need to introduce a type of units (Archer for Archery towers) to attack. They are good at killing enemies and their damage is really strong (in this version towers must be feared when they are capable of attacking, when not they are useless). The archery tower can activate improved guard to increase its damage and defense at the cost of 100 mp. Most of the blood elven machines and structures do not regenerate mana, so they need help from the Workers (they transfer mana). And well there will always be the automatic defense towers; they are good in any situation.

*10 Hero classifications: This goes more far than the classifications of the primary stats. INTELLIGENCE AGILTY STRENGHT


Conjurer: This is a class of mage hero; it is in fact an equilibrated hero in what spells means (Damage, Trick, Support-Sustent, Defense, teletransportation and Summon). It is good in various aspects. In this category enters the Archmage and the Blood Mage.

Summoner: The focus of these heroes is centered on the summoning of units; these ones are dangerous and can create troops by themselves alone. The classical type would be fitting partially the Firelord (Lava Spawn-Swarm Creature-) and the Old Beastmaster wich I have changed to Hunter Class.

Mystical: Heroes focused on dealing large amounts of damage by using their spells. Firelord by instance wich I have upgraded.

Cunning: The trickster amongst the heroes, designed to confuse, distract, manipulate, curse and disarm enemies with a combination of assault and trickery. In this case the Blademaster isn’t Cunning, it is Assassin because it is designed to slay individual units and pass unseen in battle. The real case of a cunning hero would be the Dark Ranger.

Disruption: A hero wich offensive capacities makes a good defense system also. Mountain King, Tinker, Phoenix Blader, Pandaren Brewmaster, Tauren Chieftain.

Hunter: Hero designed to track, vigilance, assault battle, and to deal battle damage. They can also have some summoning abilities or support abilities, such as the Ranger and the Shadow Hunter. The Far Seer is a conjurer, for its balance in what spells means. Their summons are usually pets.

Keeper: Heroes designed to heal, boost and protect your army. The Paladin, the Death Knight, the Keeper of the Grove by example.

Warrior: Hero designed for physical battle, most of times it is just a half role class than a type; a warrior hero is one that only can deal physical damage. A real disadvantage against heroes like the Blood Mage, however there are items that will always help.

Assassin: Hero designed to slay quickly individual units and move in battle with little harm and cause distraction in their pass. Like the Blademaster, the Warden (Believe it or not, the powers of the warden tend to be physical, through that she requires great amounts of mana to work well in battle) or the Demon Hunter.

Protected: Hero designed to take great amounts of damage. This is a subdivision. PALADIN…

Clusters: Strong against ground units, but weak against air. Tauren Chieftain

Flyers: Weird heroes, they normally have low hit points.

The best way for you all to judge the map is to play it. It doesn’t not have an AI yet so please use it in a player vs. player experience. By now the only race available is the Blood Elves.

The objective of the map is to create a plataform for terrainers to become creative with a “melee” map system, that may become capable of attract the interest of new players, and will make justice for those ones like me who loved the WC3 melee system, but that wanted something more.

My map says: I know it, I’m weird, but they love me like that… and they hate me too… with a Deadly Hate =D

Well this is almost all, I am a good iconer and u might see it in my map, but I am in need of a crew:

-A triggerer please!
-A modeler please: Need an Arcane Guardian model (ill give specifications), and some other things =P. Seriusly this project is a promise, im a perfectionist and im in need of you to end the beta. The ones who join will become the “Deadly Hate” crew. I will show you the map and we may start working together, by now almost it all is done.
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