Dday:Judgement 20.0fe

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DDay: Judgement
  • I Basic
  • II Heroes
  • III Shops
  • IV History

I Basic

DDay: Judgement is a warcraft 3 custom map, based on 3 corridors map. You have two sides, Holy Forces and Damned Forces and you can choose which side you want to fight for. Each side has main building (for Holy Forces it's Castle; for Damned Forces it's Black Citadel) and to score a win you have to destroy an opponent's main building. It won't be easy because it is surrounded by three big towers and many more weaker towers. And also creeps, which respawn in ordered time, will try to stop you and of course enemy's hero/es. Maximum number of players is 5vs5; for those who wants to play against AI, will have to wait because DDayteam have started something about that; just be patient.​

II Heroes

DDay: Judgement currently has 82 custom-made heroes. You will see many known characters from different universe (Marvel comics, Mortal Kombat, Final Fantasy, Starcraft, Warcraft and many more). Team continually works on hero balance, in order that all heroes be equal so you can't say that some hero is weak. Remember that for all in your life you need practice to become good in it, so don't expect that you will win some pro or average dday player after playing three to five games. Practice, practice and only practice.
About hero's spells... Most of them are custom made, because we want to make original hero with original spells. Of course there are Warcraft 3 original spells. For more information I'll suggest you to look into our Heroes database.​

III Shops

Items in DDay: Judgement are 80% unique. For more information I'll suggest you to look into our Items database.
You buy items in shops of course, but also you can buy creeps there which will help you in creeping and farming. DDay: Judgement can be hard game for those who are new in it because you don't control only a hero; you will control also creeps which you can by in specific shops. You don't need to use them, but you will certainly lose that game, because your experienced opponent will use them for sure.​

IV History

DDay: Judgement history begins in a year of Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos release. Soon after the birth of 3 corridors map (creators: ilPal and Zigzager), man with nickname Toosalty made a spin-off map called 3 Corridors D-DAY and he was it's editor until version 10.5p. That map later involved into DDay Sequel map which was edited by MonkY (also known as DDay's Legend :) ) and Armafire.
After 14.0 version, that map was renamed into D-Day: Judgement and it's main editor was Monky. Map was so popular that it had several millions of fans all around the world. But life has to go on and MonkY had to abandon dday's creation and after his retreat there are several notable editors such as Alex and Daniel, eScpY until 19.0x series. number of map's fans was decreased by bad changes. Dh-Neo became map's editor and he postponed work on his previous project DDay: Deathmatch so he can work on DDay: Judgement and DDay: Xtremme map. Map becomes more popular than before. At the near end of 19.x era map's editor Dh-Neo had to retired (because fans wanted new version but Neo couldn't find the time to update.). After Neo, Markone, current editor, took over the challenging editing job. His first version was 19.9F, he dedicated the map credit to DDayteam as a whole.
So as every other thing on the world even this map continues to evolve and you will see what we are planning to do with it. Enjoy in this map and if you want become part of it by helping to make it even better. :)

Changelog for 20.0FE version


Major fix - Now you can pass to combining-item shop after Winged Invasion
Added - ! to duke selection description.
Added - Amount of movement speed increased on items what give it.
Added - Locust to lavara now cannot see hp bar.
Added - Medic increased range by 60, changed starting damage, decresed int/lvl 3.2>3, incresed agi/lvl 1.8>2.2
Added - Medic: Added some visual effects when casting spell.
Changed - Alien: Spells Information of when learning
Changed - Captain america: Icon (on status) when cast fist of justice.
Changed - Captain america: visual effect when cast fist of justice.
Changed - Decreased ensare time if target is hero.
Changed - ggclient > garena
Changed - Improved D&D tooltip
Changed - inc real AOE by 50, with same circle size, to avoid problems.
Changed - Kimahri:Improved lavara tooltip.
Changed - Lulu:Tweeked aeon spell.
Changed - Malganis and Medvih: Increased max damage of carrion swarm to 10 times then initial damage, so its kinda 10 units max now.
Changed - Mods entry changed, u can now write all mods in same line. -tr -rg etc.
Changed - Potm: Firearrow icon and effect changed.
Changed - Sentry tinted, and colision decreased.
Changed - St. ange/thrall: Problem with ulti when casted on some towers.
Changed - Tristiana: Decreased agi/llvl of ows to 3.4
Changed - Tristiana: Increased armor of ows to 4.
Changed - Vampiric potion cost reduced to 1200 12
Fixed - Captain america: Description on status when cast fist of justice.
Fixed - A lot of typos on descriptions.
Fixed - Alien sneak attack postition
Fixed - Alien: icon problems.
Fixed - All order of spells on when about to select.
Fixed - Arhtas: Description of Ulti skill of Arthas.
Fixed - Arthar: woLK fixed spelling.
Fixed - Arthas: Lighting effect destroy on ulti.
Fixed - Buzzdok: Frost nova icon.
Fixed - Buzzdok: frost nova place.
Fixed - Buzzduk: Ulti bug finally fixed!.
Fixed - Can't build many tower in one place.
Fixed - Cant carry One ring with armor of rock and magic amulet anymore.
Fixed - Deadly Insects spelling mistake.
Fixed - Dendrodeth: Deadly insects fixed spelling.
Fixed - Diabolist: Mana shield position.
Fixed - Duke nukem: Fragmentation shards fixed spelling.
Fixed - Finger of dead now does damage on spell immune units (not on spell inmmune spells)
Fixed - Finger of Death damage on spell immune units (level 3)
Fixed - Garan: All tooltip's
Fixed - Garan: etr spelling.
Fixed - Garan: time haze desc
Fixed - Garan: Time Haze spelling.
Fixed - grom description.
Fixed - Hex doesnt destroys jaina's illusions anymore.
Fixed - Kimahri: Ronso form finish remove life steal aura buff.
Fixed - Kimahri: Typo on life steal.
Fixed - Lich king: Ice image spelling.
Fixed - Lich king: Improved ice spelling.
Fixed - Lieutenant Power spelling mistake.
Fixed - Lord Garithos: Advantage of the Horses fixed spelling.
Fixed - Lord Garithos: Horse Upgrade fixed spelling.
Fixed - Medic Wave Spell u can cast it mech unit now
Fixed - Medivh ulti skin problem when in meta.
Fixed - Moonblade: moon revenger icon.
Fixed - naga description
Fixed - Ogre lord:Typo on ulti.
Fixed - Ogrelord: Ogre's head fixed exp bug, Increased starting armor/attackcooldown & empovered endurance aura
Fixed - Ogrelord:ulti tooltip.
Fixed - Raidens Caddete: Cannon ball now can be blocked with spell blocker.
Fixed - Raidens's Cadete: Bannonball increased cooldown to 9 sec
Fixed - Raidens's Cadete: Behind the thunder increased cooldown 120/130/140
Fixed - Raidens's Cadete: Cannonball increased dmg per level 130/200/270/340
Fixed - Raptor meta classification, made him mechanical while is rooted to try avoid some bug with sertain spells.
Fixed - RD mod, disables herochange 30 sec after it enabled, not imediately like before.
Fixed - Tinker's armour in his Robo-Form
Fixed - Tristania: Deadly glaives fixed spelling.
Fixed - Tristania's Chained glaive
Fixed - Tristania's DNP shadow of dummy
Fixed - Tristiana chained glaive empowered!
Fixed - Tristiana: Added classification as undead (she is now holylight and deathcoil targetable).
Fixed - Vampiric Aura can heal Hero when Hero attacking Acient Protector Tower
Fixed - Vampiric potion description.
Fixed - You can't be trapped now when book store changes on winged.

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Dday:Judgement 20.0fe (Map)

Septimus: After a good discussion been done with the rest of the mod/admin, the older resources have been remove and this newer resources approve. However, I would just paste the old review into it. 16:24, 17th Jul 2008 MasterHaosis: It is day...




Septimus: After a good discussion been done with the rest of the mod/admin, the older resources have been remove and this newer resources approve.

However, I would just paste the old review into it.

16:24, 17th Jul 2008
MasterHaosis: It is day of judgement! hey man awesome map I like all parts of this map. Well man I like this your new hero Tristania (Demon riding Leopard) I played with her so long. In this map are lot of fun, alot of different spawning models,alot of Heroes selection etc.. My opinion is that you should use more custom models to replace boring blizzard's models... Anyway rating is Highly Recommended
Level 3
Jun 11, 2008
An average AoS map with too many heros.

- I didn't test all the heros but the amount of them is really disturbing. I doubt that all the heros are balanced which means there are good heros and useless ones. Keep the number of heros low because at some point some heros just get too good when compared to another ones.

- Things that took place every now and then were sometimes refreshing and sometimes just made me angry ("Oh shit. What now?!").

- I never understood the reason for wood. I got wood when I killed creeps and gold when I killed creeps. Why there even is wood? Gold would have been enough.



Level 2
May 1, 2016
... in DOTA 2 arcade mode.


... This map must be in DOTA 2 like arcade mode map :goblin_cry:. The creator, the builder of this map, is still in this forum? ...




Level 2
May 1, 2016

There is a map in the section of Arcade maps in DOTA 2, which is called DDAY: Judgment, whose creator is Cactus, is someone from this community the creator? The map is incomplete, it's like a beta version, but it's very good. Hopefully someone can review the map and contribute to its creation since without a doubt, it would be played by many players.

I hope not to break any rule, the link is:

Steam Workshop :: DDAY: Judgement