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darkelf - all changes are freehand

Spell, Breaker, Dark, Elf, evil, thief, magic, mana, stone, rock

darkelf (Texture)

THE_END: Some original still present, but all the freehand is awesome




THE_END: Some original still present, but all the freehand is awesome
Level 3
Aug 13, 2004
yes it is very monotone, maybe change the armore color a bit. But otherwise im glad to see someone who has gotten the skin coor of a drow correct for a change.
Level 13
Jul 28, 2004
Basicly you turned it grey, and did some changes.
Don't change the chest, change the face. the face is 100% grey, that'S very boring and (monotone?) to see. add more colors of the spectrum, they don't have to be bright like the rainbow, but bright like those brown belts would be perfect. I truly hate the fae as it is now, everyone would find it better with more colors, lack of colors always lead to boring colors if they're pure grey.

The UV Map looks fine, but ingane it stretches and all, add some color to the face or to the helmet and it wil be a decent skin.

A bit of brown for the rust on the robe? or a slight desaturated blue tint on the robe for the metal look?

With that color scheme, i suggest making the crystal darker and desaturated along that. The shield does not features major changes, but atleast you changed it.
This skin needs a lot of additionnal colors, dark elf or not.
Level 2
Aug 14, 2004
It's okay..I like the breastplate and the chainmail robe/kilt. However...monotonous. Simply put. 8/10.
Level 4
Sep 2, 2004
Looks like Dr.Peakock, from the Fruit Loops comercials, drained the color from him. :lol:

Hes to gray and dull. The way he is now, his face might as well be part of the mask. :?

Perhaps give his face a different tone and a bit brighter or darker. You could also add more of the red crystals around his armor and even add more of the cloth, like the brown straps you have around the chest. Also the shield could either have the outer rim darkend, or the inner part darkend. 8)

Hes just too... "fruity" ...for lack of a better word. :lol:
Level 1
Nov 12, 2004
I like it very much... Yes its very monotone in the color... But hey, its a Darkelf... They wear dark cloth and armor... Please make more darkelves units since there are not many off them... And this looks good... 5/5 since i am in a good mood, and realy needed a darkelf :p
Level 2
May 16, 2004
It Looks fruity he sais.... rofl.

Looks pretty kickass, though Im prolly neva gonna use it (atleast not in this point in time) Ill keep it just incase :wink: