Dark Ancient

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A sinister, malevolent Ancient. Includes a Corrupted version.

Feel free to use and/or edit these models, so long as you credit me.

Corrupted Dark Ancient (Model)

Dark Ancient (Model)

Level 24
Sep 17, 2010


Arena Moderator
Level 37
Jul 29, 2008
(Sorry, this'll be more succinct than usual)

I rather like this. I like when the base game is expanded in a way that works, and the NE just don't have enough "alternative Treant Buildings" in the archives.

I really like the 3-head thing; smacks of that one judge in the early Transformers movie. However:

I get it that he is supposed to be a Treant Janus of sorts but it actualy took me a while to notice the side faces of his. Maybe you could find a way to better highlight those artistic features of the model?
This very much so. Bring it out! It's the best part of the model!

I like the mesh & textures (very much fits in-game), I love the SFX (very interesting)... The name is cool ("Ancient of Lies"), and all that.

I have only one issue, and I may be wrong: but it appears like there's a whole lot of green & not a lot of other things. Like, you have the horns & the TC in a few places, and the skull-knee-caps are neat... But there's just so much leafy green (& and especially on the back with the cloak) it's really... bleh.

On that note, maxing out the Janus part might solve this problem. That and/or adding something to the horns or the shoulders/back/top-of-cape might help.

On another note, why is it a "Dark Ancient"? It really doesn't look that evil to me (or is this just more of your naming shenanigans?).




Another Useful Model for Night Elves and Corrupted Race, Good job!!
Level 13
Oct 16, 2011
It's been a few years. Don't birth animations scale to the actual time it takes to build a thing? Every structure ingame has a 60 second birth animation, and vary from seconds to minutes.
Not sure if it's just me, but in-game it only plays like 8 seconds of the actual birth anim so it appears to be extremely slow and the anim is incomplete. Maybe there's a problem with my WE in this case?