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Damage Calculator, the Reverse

Reverse Damage Calculator

by supertoinkz

I saw many damage calculators where they calculate the Damage Base, Damage Number of Dice, and Damage Sides per die. But I never saw any calculator in the reverse mode (wherein it calculates the minimum and maximum damage to find the Base, Number of Dice, and Sides per die. This tutorial will teach us or you to calculate damage in the reverse mode. This is useful when you found a good game with good units that you want to exactly copy it. I personally used it with my upcoming map, Warcraft 2.

Hangin' with the Tutorial:
Before we start, you should learn the legends and abbreviations I used.
B - Damage Base
N - Number of Dice
S - Sides per Die
Min - Minimum
Max - Maximum

Simple Math Knowledge
World Editor

Getting Started:
So, let's find a good unit.............I used footman\grunt from warcraft 2.The footman\grunt has a min damage of 2 and max damage of 9. So what will we do?
First, let's calculate the min damage. Think of 2 numbers when added the sum will be 2:
Possible Equations

1 + 1 = 2
1.5+ 0.5 = 2
The first addend should be greater than or equal to the second number.
The first number would be the B and the second number would be N.
Let us use the the first equation (Because wc3 doesn't use real numbers on those fields).
Now we had the minimum damage calculated right? Let us calculate the maximum damage. Here's the formula
Max Damage Formula
(B + (S * N))
Equation according to our Min Damage results
(1 + (S * 1))
Here, think of a number when multiplied to N and the factor of it when added into the B the answer would be 9. I got this....
My results
(1 + (8 * 1))
the answer would be 9.
That's it! Congratulations! Before I end, we need to check if our B,S,N is correct. Here's our result:

The BSN of our example
Min-Max damage : 2-9
Damage Base (B): 1
Number of dice (N): 1
Sides per die (S): 8
The formulas are:
Min damage: (B + N)
Max damage: (B + (S * N))
Min damage: (1 + 1) = 2
Max damage: (1 + (8 * 1)) = 9

My other results:
Warcraft 2
Archer\Axethrower (3-9): B2, N1, S7
Ballista\Catapult (25-80): B24, N1, S56
Knight\Ogre (2-12): B1, N1, S11
Mage\Deathknight (5-9): B3, N2, S3
Grypon\Dragon (8-16): B6, N2, S5
Destroyer (2-35): B1, N1, S34
Submarine\Turtle (10-50): B8, N2, S21
Battleship\Juggernaught (50-130): B48, N2, S41

Author's Note:
Do not distribute without my permission.
Maximum Damage Base: 100000
Maximum Damage per Number of Dice: 100
Maximum Damage Sides per Die: 100

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Level 12
Jun 28, 2008
The first addend should be grreater or equal than the second number.

Should say:
"The first addend should be greater than or equal to the second number."

Other than that, decent tutorial and moderately useful... I'd rate it a 3/5, as the Min and Max are usually what people want to find out, whereas, who really needs to know the BNS?
Level 7
Jun 30, 2008
one question: in the peasant you add 0.5, 0.5 and 4.5 But how to? My regular editor cant't add this oO Or do you use custom editor?