Dagren Armored- The indestructible

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Dagren- "The Indestructible".

A new conception for Dagren- our even more armored hero.
Dagren will no longer be known just for being an expert Orc slayer, now he will be an even bigger problem for the green enemies.
With even heavier armor, at this time, Dagren has just become an almost impossible target to be knocked down, with some cloth accessories removed and others added from his own set, without using accoutrements of other characters Reforged.

In two versions:
With shield or without shield.

Dagren Armored- The indestructible (Model)

version with Shield (Model)

Level 12
May 19, 2020
Good job mate! I think, may be, it will be better to delete book in version with shield because there are too many elements.
EDIT. I see a problem with his body on third screen. First picture when he is front run looks like he miss some polygons)
Thanks buddy! I also intend to make an update, some adjustments to the cover by the shoulders and the arrangement of some parts, nothing that includes or removes materials, in addition to what already exists.
I confess that I like the idea of books in the Paladins, I find it very interesting and characteristic in its use for Holy Light. But I promise to rethink about its removal in the shield version, because in the Stand Channel, it is really quite crowded, but only in this animation, in Spell, the set is still reasonable. I can also try to leave it, just getting stuck in the belt (unused), is another good idea.
I didn't understand where you consider polygonal problems to be, it may be your impression, really Dagren's animations are not the best. If possible, test him again.
But if you are talking about the pants at the top near the belt, in fact, there is this leak, but this is not a mistake, because with the removal of the skirts, you realize that the leg part is quite limited within the standard model , I should really have gone up even higher, as the pants don't go up to the waist. If you are referring to this, don't worry that I will adjust this in the next upgrade. Thank you for the tips!

He looks great without the skirt, much better. Did you do anything else than removing it?
I consider Dagren as the human model with the most beautiful upper armor of the Reforged and in fact, the skirts didn’t match much, for that reason I only removed the skirts, but without the skirts, the model has nothing underneath, everything was inserted . I tried to approach an aesthetic that did not escape the model's own pattern, there was no need to copy pieces from other models.
I added knee and elbow pads in the pattern of the shoulders, and put a little side and front armor on the thighs, in addition to the version with shield. The cover is an alternative testing option, which I believe I have combined, so I kept it.
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Level 12
May 19, 2020
Looks great man ! I really love the one without the shield, keep going :)
Thnk you!

Hi, could you upload the Dagren texture files , please ??
I noticed in another post by a Footman that you are interested in Reforged models for classic.
If you want, look some of my modifications, Footman approximate version to Demo-BlizzCon, Arthas with support for HD textures for the classic (divided meshes in 512 pixels) and this Dagren in the version of my first tests, all in SD format and together with the textures .BLP.
ps. All textures have been modified.


Footman BlizzCon:
Arthas HD to classic:
Dagren armored SD:


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Level 12
May 19, 2020
Very good idea for Dagran.
The shield works well with his armor.
My only problem is the weapon that looks to much like the ashbinger. Can you update him with any other weapon? Maby something similar to Tirion Fordring and Dagren Orcslayer v2.0
But the Dagren in Reforged actually uses Ashbringer, no poly was exchanged. Friend, I'll be honest with you. I chose not to use any accessory that is out of the standard existing in the original model. But you can use any sword you like, easily replacing it with the Retera MS.
I'm still trying to make a version with updating some geoset points and then only in the animations, creating more Stands, more types of attacks based on other models.
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