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This is the new version of CyborgMammothman, enjoy!Units\Demon\HeroPitLord\HeroPitLord.blp

Pit, lord, cyber, cyborg, mammoth, mammothan, glaive, hell, fel, doom, overlord, metal

CyborgMammothman (Texture)

THE_END: Pretty boss skin right here, approvz0red
Level 2
Aug 17, 2005
:p I wish the rating system was still in effect so I could rate 1 on your skin. ITS NOT EVEN A FREAKING CYBORG you dumbass. Damn dude, was yur mom on crack while she was having you? You need to get yur mind examined immediately. I belive you've got brain damage.
Level 3
Jun 13, 2005
Hm... You_$uCk - any arguments, WHY it sucks? If not then youre just a flamer without a point. Anyway the skin is cool for me. Was bored of that purple-greenish-darkcolors skinning of some. :D
Level 4
Sep 18, 2005
:x <--- haha doesnt that look like a fat constipated chinese sumo?(lol)

ANYWAYS very nice skin You $uck..... maybe you suck? 8)