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Custom skins on custom models?

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Level 6
May 19, 2004
How do I put a custom skin on a custom model that I made? I just to learn how I made a square model and I want each side to be a differant color, but I don't know
how to tell it that I want a certain part of the skin on a certain part of the model.

Sorry about being a noob and thanks in advance.
Level 9
May 10, 2004
What program have you used ?
Sopho, sorry about this, but...
Skinning actually has absolutely nothing to do with what we here refer to as "skining".

You see, skinning is actually a part of animating a model. What we do, is that we "texture a model", so everything about skins on this site is actually misleading :)

aaaaaaaaaaand, as for the question.
use the UVW utilities, if you are a max user.
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