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Custom Pathing maps

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Level 4
Jun 26, 2010

what im asking is a 5x2 unflyable/walkable/buildable pathing. basically the stone wall, but you cant fly over for triggering purposes. the map's fps style shooting makes it possible to shoot thru solid wall if the pathing is off. i could make due with just making 5 small both pathing blockers in a row, but triggering tht will be a headache when doing it another way could be so easy.
i've reached a wall where the archives for the textures arent blp so i cant extract the pathing maps from the wc3 viewer. >.<

if i needed a large area to be unwalkable, a very good solution is to use the outland abyss texture and import another tile over it

Okay, so ive figured out how to do this. instead of using the wc3 viewer to extract the tga files, i used the wc3 model editor and was able to change, import, use the edited tga file, i feel like this has actually helped so +rep, (even through one guy said that in order to edit a pathing map, i had to use the object editor?)

actually, this might be useful, you can take a building and make it enterable using some edited pathing maps. and it wouldnt take u a million pathing blockers. Or if you want to make an edited pathingmap for the whole map so that you'd never use a pathing blocker/unit,doodad, with a pathing map. since im feeling helpful, if u need a request for some crap like tht, i can do it.
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