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[Solved] Custom healthbar

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Level 24
Feb 9, 2009
Wow, tryed to help some one out but k I will ignore you ;)
Level 12
May 7, 2008
So you want to do a Boss map ?
Which Player Should be the Boss ? So i can Send you some example map How it’s Done :)

And With some Play around and changing some Numbers you can achive That...

Hey, thanks for helping me out, i appreciate it!

I would definitely only need the boss bar for 1 player, and that is computer controlled - player 9.

However, only 1 unit at a time would need this health bar, and that would be bosses once they spawn periodically (I can store them in a unit variable if that's going to make it easier on me I guess).

I'm not very good with JASS (but I do understand it a little bit) so can you shortly guide me through what would I have to change in order to acquire the results that I want (aka setting it only for player 9).

Also when a unit dies, how do you remove the bar from existing? (in the test map the bar is still active even after Mannoroth's death)

Thank you!
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Level 12
Mar 13, 2020
You need to understand that we turn things like this hp bar hiding after we create it that means it’s all the time there you just show it when the boss fight starts and hide it again after the boss ist dead..
The variable U[array 1] is for the boss I left it an array so you can easily can do 2 boss health depending on designe if you want a double boss fight or what ever

You can overwrite the U[1] variable so it shows the next boss and Then you turn it to show you can see the trigger where I use a custom script to show Mybar1 = hp bar of the boss and Mybar10 = mana bar
Just use this custom scripts after you event to show them

And to hide in the creating of the bar you find a jass Part for hiding just copy it and put it in a new custom script for GUI use

If you have any problems I can help out
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