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Custom Gladiators

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Jun 16, 2018
Hello every one, im making a map, its a big proyect for my but i cant test it online since i no longer have a original copy of the game thus, i create this post in order to find some help in this regard, testing it online, and in hope of finding some help for the unfinished parts of the map.
PD: its a beta version so it still requires a lot of balancing and do not suport yet "specialmode".

Well... now how to play, its straightforward but ill clarify it, select a hero and buy some stuff or units, all of it would go the "Ludus" aka training ground, once is your turn to select the game mode just do it and thereafter select the units, with the select unit item in the cage, that are condemn to fight.
Every match is sine miasione, so chose carfully if the oponents are powerfull.
You beat oponents fighting in "Death Match" mode, the game is over once every hero has died in "Death Match"

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