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Custom font interferes with custom interface

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Level 9
Apr 19, 2011
Hi there.

I'm actually using a war3mapskin.txt file to implement a custom font in my proyect, and I'm very happy with it. Today I wanted to change some things in the interface, and I found that I couldn't do it.
After searching on the forums, I found that I have to write everything I want to change in the .txt file.
(This thread: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/.../interface-modifications-wont-show-up-209895/)

However, I didn't found how exactly do I have to write it.
For example, let's suppose that I have imported a file called MINIMAP.blp, and I want it to replace the minimap. What should I write?
With this example, I should be able to change everything else.

In other words, I'm asking for a detailed explanation of how to change the game interface while having a custom font, as the classic way of changing the interface doesn't work.

Thanks for reading.

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