Custom Campaign Help!

Level 1
Nov 28, 2015
(Warning Long Post Ahead!)
Hey guys I need some help from y'all, I'm currently working on a Warcraft 3 custom campaign and I have an idea of something that I need help on figuring out.

Basically the premise of this campaign I'm working on, is that the player has access to a number of men at the start of the campaign, if that player loses say five of those men in mission 3, than those 3 men wont show up in the following missions, if those men survive however, they will show up in later missions. In clarification these men are not heroes just regular units.

The reason I want to implement this idea is I feel if these men actually have tactical weight behind them, on account of not being able to train fresh units, then players will have more emphasis on keeping as many men alive as possible, thus players will be faced with decisions like "Those creeps over there may have awesome loot, but what if I lose men in the process."

On another note I need your guys opinion on a design decision of mine. For the two heroes players will have control of, I decided to disable most of their abilities, meaning the heroes are stuck with one-two abilities they can use from the start. To balance out the lack of abilities, I uped the stats on these heroes so they pack more punch and can take more damage. In addition I was also thinking of increasing the stats of the regular units players have control of on account of players being heavily outnumbered in the campaign. So basically I need some feedback/advice/constructive criticism on my ideas/design decisions so far.

Another thing I'm really trying to focus on is atmosphere and story in this campaign. In essence I'm trying to turn Warcraft into more of a dark fantasy/horror using as little custom models as possible. Because of this I'm really working and experimenting with the cinematography. Any advice on how I can enhance the experience is also greatly appreciated.
Level 7
Nov 19, 2015
I think having more abilities would make it more interactive or else you would just be moving from point to point right clicking on units. The most complex thing you would be doing is microing units. Unless your maps are filled with puzzles and other interactive things, its just going to be a bad anime with the occasional click here and there to attack.

Having more abilities makes for a variety of gameplay. Certain abilities being effective only at certain times or situations encourages strategy and tactical thinking. Having multiple scenarios for completion or completing a certain quest promotes decision making and also increases gametime as player are likely to play again to see all possible story lines.

For the save units thing. I believe its under the game cache in the trigger editor. I've never used it but I think you can save your unit information to transport to the next map.