[General] Need help with Heroes not transitioning to next level in custom campaign

Level 2
Apr 18, 2019
Hi all, new here.

Last night I got my hands on the undead campaign maps from RoC and I wanted to beef up Arthas to make him feel more like the Scourge of Lordaeron. At his start location I gave him some custom items and changed his abilities in a way I thought would be fun. I have got my custom campaign to a point where it runs basically like the normal undead campaign does except the Arthas I create on map 1 is not porting to map 2. Whenever the second mission starts, the Arthas that loads into the game is a default Arthas. I have attached the campaign. The first mission works as intended, the second mission loads but again it's with a default Arthas.

I haven't finished correcting the path issues on my next level triggers for the missions after 2 because I'm still troubleshooting this Arthas issue. Any guidance would be appreciated.