CRK.CD The Demonic Gate v2.00

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
-Defend the Tree of Life over 25 waves to win the game
-There are 12 heroes and 82 items
-Can be played in single player or with maximum of 4 players
-The number of enemies base on the number of players

CRK.CD The Demonic Gate v2.00 (Map)

14:52, 3rd Jun 2009 by bounty hunter2: Bad packaging, some missing credits, bad terrain, a lot of similar spells and icons as Dota ones - unoriginal. Rejected.




14:52, 3rd Jun 2009 by bounty hunter2:
Bad packaging, some missing credits, bad terrain, a lot of similar spells and icons as Dota ones - unoriginal. Rejected.
Level 10
Feb 16, 2009
The Demonic Gate is a Hero Defence map. I played with the Ranger and 3 other players.

Its a hero defence where you must survive waves. The waves are pretty hard from the beginning.
You're alone, no extra units help you.
I suggest you make it 6 player or reduce the difficulty.
There are items, item recipes and tomes.
The skills are mostly object editor, but I've seen some nice triggered skills.

The game looks good, nice terrain no useless imports and most credit is given.

I was not able to look into your triggers, but no heavy leaks I think. But I think you chane some things:
1. Shop 45-55 is missing. I was not able to make some recipes due to that
2. Heroes revive with 50% HP. make it 100%

Overall I rate this map 3/5 and think it should be Aproved
Level 6
Aug 19, 2006
the 45-55 shop is a little bit hidden. kinda normal for a hero defense that one shop is kinda "secret"

the map was fun to play and challenging that is good because most other defenses are too easy. but it is too important to get def items if you buy other items first it is very hard.

other points:
-the repice of the arcanite shield doesn't show the parts you need
-the end cinematic looks a little bit odd with the demons moving stupid arround in the back ground
-maybe you should add some boss levels and/or mini bosses
-there are only 2 creep spots. maybe they should respawn or add more. atlaest 1 spot for every player
-the time to shop is kinda short if you don't know the items or have to search them
Level 4
Jan 19, 2008
I'm a little bit busy.
I know the major problem in this map which is the heroes as there're too few heroes. But i'll add more later. I've got another map call "The Fountains of Life" which is a TD map. I'll upload it later. sorry for my poor Enlish.:hohum:
Level 2
Jan 16, 2008
Pretty fun map, i've only tried it solo so far and hasn't been able to complete it as of yet..

Some things of note..

- As said by someone else, you should fix the Arcanite Shield recipe so we know what items it needs..
- Might want to add some better pots (not too good though) to counter the high damage (and high health of players) mobs do in late game..
- You might want to add some better recipes that aren't orb-effects, as now you really need life-steal to survive, and thus you can't get many of the other recipes as a result (unless orb-effects stack, which i doubt)
- You should increase the damage of the item with the chance to do a chain lightning, as now it hardly does anything..
- You might want to add some recipe to get a defensive item with magic-damage reduction (i think there is an item like this but it isn't included in any of the recipes)

I'll edit this post if i can think of anything else :)