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creating a tile with variations

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Level 22
Feb 4, 2005
My map is Icecrown and when I replace Ice_DirtRough with a 256x256 texture I get 2 variations, when I use 512x256 I get 18. The number of variations is np, I was ready to replace even tiles with only 2 variables if they gave me what I want.

The prob is I made a road tileset with horizontal, vertical lines and lines for curves and variations always cut them off - e.g I wanna put the road with a straight line, I get half of that line or I add the white curve (as part of that texture) but what appears is a tiny part of it. I was going to measure in centimeters from where to where the variations take the texture but it looked to me they are different every time. Is there a way to make the tileset properly? I even tried 128x128 on 2 variations but the image is still cut off. Is there a way to do that right or I have to put these lines on the texture where they will match the texture part each variation takes?

I'll be also making a mountain rock for which it doesn't matter which part of the rock it takes but for the road with lines it matters you know. Also pls don't offer to use doodads- props with model of a line -.- I made a terrain that can have road lines I just need to make it properly.
Not open for further replies.