CRA v3.5

This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
This is version 3 of my map CRA, basically made for a LAN party. It is kind of a tactical Hero Arena, focussing on specific pointst of interest.
There are currently 31 selectable heroes and 3 secret heroes which can only be randomed

The players start opposed in two factions (Mukatash Clan - Sakatari Tribe). Their mission is to bring the points of their faction to 0, the first fraction to do so, will gain control over the temple ruins and wins the game.

Ways of reducing points are:
* Killing an inimical hero (-2)
* Killing the Lernaean Hydra (-5)
* Capturing one of the 5 circles (-1 per circle, every 12 seconds)
Note: map is pinged every 30 seconds, where the capture points are

There are several game modes, for which a chat string has to be entered by the host (red) within the first 15 seconds.
You can combine them with each other, but only if you follow a certain order concerning the particles. here is a list of all particles and their priority (1 is most important).

1) -sm (short mode) / -nm (normal mode) / -lm (long mode) / -hm (hyper mode)
2) ko (kills only - disables the capture function)
3) ar (all random)
4) em (easy mode - more automatic gold and experience)
5) ns (no specials - disables Special Heroes when picking random)

-nmko; -smarns; -hmem; -lmkoaremns
(-sm/-nm/-lm/-hm must be entered {adding other particles is optional}, else the computer will default on -nm)

Enjoy, and plz report eventual bugs (hope i removed all of them) @map comments or via vbulletin on my channel.
>>>>>Map protected, New versions will be coming!<<<<<


v3.5 ( version 4 still under progress!!!!)
- New Hero: Rune Warrior
- Slightly nerfed Wind Hunter's 'Cyclone'
- Fixed Revive error
- Other minor changes

v3.4 ("COMEBACK"!!; fixes only; big new version under progress!!!!)
- Major coding improvements
- Reworked random hero systems
- New user interface
- Faster decay of bonus damage ganed by Windhunter's 'Raven's Mist'.
- Longer duration of Plague Knight's 'Nether Affliction'.
- Other minor fixes

- New Hero: Shadewood Vanguard
- Fixed a rare exploit with MoP's Steering cable that could cause critical error
- Added a reviving message
- Finally updated Loading Screen ;D
- Other minor fixes

- Fixed Hellbiter
- Changed UI for auto-assemble instead of wood shown
- Fised Dimension Wanderer's Ulti
- Trees are not destroyed by Bloody Gorgeousity any more
- Other minor fixes

- Fixed Trimming Bow hotkey
- New Hero: Mortar Sergeant
- New lvl 5 item: Hellbiter
- New lvl 5 item: Astralizer
- Other minor fixes

v3.1 (quite big patch)
- Fixed automatic Gold income
- Slightly reduced costs of picking a hero
- Changed creep bounties a bit
- Nerfed secret hero
- New Hero: Dimension Wanderer
- New lvl 1 item: Watcher's Horn
- New: Shop 5 with 4 new items (not higher lvl items)
- Fixed Slitting Hu's Triple Strike Icon
- New game mode: em (easy mode)
- New game mode: ns (no specials)
- Overworked game mode chat entering
- Other minor fixes

- Finally fixed all of the occuring problems when a player leaves
- Added additional Gold income to 'counterbalance' leavers
- Changed Phoenix Ranger's values slightly
- Witchcrafter's Servants nerfed again
- Decreased chance for Terra Warrior's 'Cleave'
- Terra Warrior: bigger model scaling
- Wind Hunter's ultimate does not blow away circles of power any more
- Wind Hunter's Raven's Mist slightly nerfed
- Other minor fixes

- Fixed the occuring problems when a player leaves
- Buffed Poison Revenant's values slightly
- General Str Hero damage nerf
- Terra Warrior: New Cleave and new model
- Other minor fixes

- Drastically reduced xp gain from hero kills
- Fixed the bug when a Sakatari player leaves and his char got moved to wrong base
- Nerfed plague knight's ulti 'Epidemic Touch' (higher mana cost, cd, spell instead of pure dot)
- Buffed Phoenix Ranger's 'Phoenix Tears' (Lower mana cost, Global Range)
- Buffed Phoenix Ranger's 'Searing Arrows' (Higher damage)
- Nerfed the Servants from Witchcrafter's 'Animate' and lowered their maximum amount (4>3)

- Fixed Master of Puppets' 'I am your Master' (care: timer not visible)
- Changed Battle Cleric's 'Exorcism' to make it more useful
- Inflamer's 'Instable Heat' now triggers off after 30 secs of not being attacked
- Chaos Frenzy mask's new buying hotkey works properly (F)
- Minor fixes

- Fixed Raging Zealot's Aura & added new icon & aura model
- Fixed the Horror Lord's Chaos Rain hotkey
- Changed Horror Lord's ulti a bit
- Re-fixed the angle of Tree Torpedo
- Fixed Clan Lord's ulti, you won't land anywhere now
- Witchcrafter can have 4 servants constantly
- Fixed Elemental Evoker from being able to have infinite boni
- Canged the items Gladius, Spatha and Dragonfly a bit
- War Helmet is now lvl 2 shop / Chaos Frenzy Mask lvl 3
- Fixed Poison Revenant not appearing in random
- Other minor tweak/tooltip fixes, icon/model/sound changes

- Each faction has own base now
- Slightly increased playable map area size
- New capture point Pyramid instead of throne platform
- New Hero selection system
- repick command added
- New Hero: Elemental Evoker
- New Hero: Battle Cleric
- New Hero: Centaur Hornfighter
- New Hero: Plague Knight
- Overworked item/shop system (removed almost all dota items)
- Balance/Bug/Tweak fixes
- Replaced Wind Hunter's raven Form by Raven's Mist
- You will lose gold now when dying
- plenty other small changes

Important: I removed some items and made Dota items/recipes, because it is less confusing when starting to play this map, and you know a bunch of recipes, so:
credits go to icefrog and the dota makers for those. (But now I replaced most of them)

Arena, hero, capture, points, control, teams, team, ruins, jungle, Troll, Creep, Creeps, Duel, Fight, Battle, Tactical, great, awesome, Kallimachos,

CRA v3.5 (Map)

08:45, 7th Jul 2008 Rui: Seems to be good enough for approval. Ap0calypse: 4/5 (Recommended) This is really a map worth checking out. The gameplay style is unique, being mainly a Hero Arena, with some other influences as well. You can choose...




08:45, 7th Jul 2008
Seems to be good enough for approval.

Ap0calypse: 4/5 (Recommended)

This is really a map worth checking out.
The gameplay style is unique, being mainly a Hero Arena, with some other influences as well.
You can choose your own 'style' because of the variety of items and heroes and still the quality of them is high.

The terrain is one of the main points in this game: it uses a terrain that fits the map and it's really good, it can still use a finishing touch, but it clearly is a lot better than the avarage map.

Credits has been given, the author name and description are all right,

I would recommend this map to everyone who likes playing games that exceed the standard expectations.

For more information: check posts #2, #8 and #12 (note that those reviews aren't from the latest version).
Level 11
Dec 11, 2007
Hello Kallimachos. I have played your map and i must admit it looks pretty good. Here is my review:

[+] good amount of Heroes. You have 4 taverns each one with just 4 Heroes in it. Why don't you put 8 Heroes in 2 Taverns?
[+] triggered spells, but some of them had too random effects. An example: Creates a shield around a friendly unit increasing his armor. If an enemy attacks him the attacking unit has a chance to go back to its base.
[+] nice terrain, i like it.
[+] original map objective, not like in standard Hero Arenas where you have to make x kills to win.

[-] items description were too short.
[-] too small number of creeps. I saw just 2 uber creeps.

Rating: 4/5
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Level 10
Jul 26, 2007
jo ,ady illidan; firstly, thx for your review;i will notice when making the next version.
secondly, ill try to explain some stuff:
i made 4 taverns, so ill just be able with the time to add units and they kind of represent the 4 wc3 'races'.
i only made 2 uber creeps, so the game stays focussed on the primary strategical objectives, to set some limits and keeping the action between pvp, as it is an 'arena' though.
well, longer item tooltips will be coming, i was just on the edge with creating those items, recipes,... and kept the very basic stuff only^^.

but once again thx for good review, i'll keep it in mind.
Level 3
Apr 17, 2008
fire_predator give constructive critics instead of senseless comments. dont blame other s for their work without a reason -.-.

Stay cute o_o
Level 14
Nov 2, 2008
Okay here's my Review
Originality: Capture the Ruins Arena is a very original game witch everyone must give a try, the concept of the game is very well implemented and has [according to me] never been done before. The spells are awesomely done and most people wont even realize they are normal war3 spells. The whole aim behind the game is to capture the 5 points.

Balancing: The map has a huge variety of heroes to select from and they are all custom made, he really used the custom models available at this site in a astonishing matter, though when i played some heroes seems to overpower others a little, but still, very well done with balancing all of those heroes.

Terrain: Okay the terrain of this map is very well placed. Its a decent atmosphere with huge varieties of tiles\trees\doodads\etc. Also a selection of moonlight. really well done.

Lag: Well i got a really expensive and updated pc, so I found no lag, it seems to be lag-free.

Bugs: Well i only played 1 hero, and from what I've seen his ultimate [Witch Crafter] the pentagon spell, is shown as a passive spell, yet its castable.

Initial Impression: Well when i 1st started i was impressed by the atmosphere and the custom material used. Also all the credits are given.

Originality: 24\30
Balancing: 22\30 (some spells and ultimates are too powerful)
Fun factor: 7\10 (Really cool and fun to play)
Terrain: 8\10 (impressive terrain, can still improve though)
Lag: 9\10
Rough Edges: 5\5
Initial Impression: 4\5

Final Rating: 79\100 [4/5] {Recommended}

Final Comment: Great map, very original, very custom, has great potential.

If you have any questions of the above or don't agree, please pm me.

this map isn't cool

Seriously? comon if you cant give good criteria, then dont post stupid\pointless comments like that, and give a low rating for a good map. Grow up kid. this isnt high school.
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Level 27
Jan 26, 2007
Hey, kallimachos ^^
Good to see your map has been uploaded, this is my review:

Unfortunately, my brother needs to get on the PC, otherwise I would've tested more characters, now I've only tested Mario.


  • Description at the hive could be more attractive
  • In-game description could be better
  • Your English is great
  • WE crashed when I tried to open this map with it... (it isn't mentionned)

  • Great choice of heroes
  • Original game
  • You can't go back to the base unless you're dead? :s

  • Great terrain, I didn't even care about the spammed blue fire...
  • Some parts could even be used for cinematics witha higher quality

  • The tooltip for "Grow" is missing
  • Abilities could be better (I don't really get the point of th "jump" ability, for example" - is it to dodge spells?)
  • Try not to override standard hotkeys (M, A, S, H, O, P)
  • A lot of custom items, really good
  • Some models didn't really fit, like Mario... but in an Arena that wouldn't be a problem.

Clearly this map is very good, you've got enough choice to adjust your tacic (heroes, items), the gameplay is rather unique (a combination of other things, like Risk and Arena).
The terrain is amazing, it's been a long time since I've seen such a terrain, but the details are missing (some hotkeys, not all tooltips are available, description could be improved).

This is the first map I've seen in a long time that has the potential to get a 5/5 from me, keep working like this ;)

Rating: 4/5
Vote for Approval

Do not pay attention to replies like "this map isn't cool" - that reply is clearly posted by someone who doesn't know the pain of creating a good map (like this)
Good luck and keep updating this.

One more thing: are you sure you deleted all leaks? (Not that I had some lag, but you never know...)
Level 27
Jan 26, 2007
I knew I didn't see him in the hero picking, but I thought I was mistaken or something :O
Well, I often pick random when testing, you never know what will happen then ;)

But I really meant what I have said, another reviewer has also said this map is worth a 5/5.
You've improved a lot, I like it :D
Level 3
Nov 14, 2008
Great Map

Well I´ll rate it 4/5 I would rate it 5/5 , but IMO there are not enough heroes.
Anyway I´ll check this map often for updates , so I´ll change the rating to 5/5 after you added an greater amount of heroes.

Keep up the good work :grin::grin::grin::grin:
Level 11
Mar 18, 2009
Hi again, i gave some feedback on cra 2.0 and now i have tested this version with more friends.

We tested most heros and and came to this:
Your Intelligence heroes need increased damage, they might have more damage than the agilty and strength but compared to their defense its not going to work.
That Magma hero you made has some good spells but hes to op, he need to be nerfed.
Get some cheap items for the begining of the game with damage and without Critical Strike.
Level 1
Jul 14, 2008
well ive tested it shortly in singleplayer(well testing some heroes)
and i directly found a bug...
your item carrier "burro" isnt organic so u cant use your teleport spell to port to him which makes the whole spell useless -.-°
please do a hot-fix =O

the ultimate of the distractess does a fatal error on wc3 =/
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Level 1
Jul 14, 2008
ive tried the new version and damn, the elemental evoker is by far the most op char ingame.
probably because of the fact that the bonus stats limit doesnt work properly...
i walked arouznd with almost 500 int 1hitting every creep(except some of the really strong ones) lol
Level 8
May 30, 2008
The idea look cool item's are from dota (np for that), i wasn't having alot of time to chek the skills becouse after 10 minutes playing the half of the ppl get disconected (server split) and it appear u don't clean all of the leaks in this game i may test it again after few version gl for now
Level 2
Apr 19, 2006
Good map

I like the map, thought one suggestion: you should make the creeps stronger or have different/stronger creeps as the game progresses as those creeps you have now become kinda irrelevant to the gameplay (too easy to kill). The game was designed for players to go creeping and fight in that arena so im just thinking that the creeping part should still stay an important aspect of the game. O and make that hydra stronger later on too.
Level 11
Mar 18, 2009
CRA has changed a bit since i started to try it out on ver 2.0 to 3.0f.
I like that you have switched into taverns with separated Strength, Agility and Intellignce heroes and that both teames has their own shops to prevents people from copying the items they buy.

Good things about this map:
+ This map has a combined creep, hero war and arena gameplay.
+ Terrain is high class.
+ Lots of Heroes with new spells.
+ Lots of items.

Improvements for this map:
- Could use more hero balance.
- Add some random events to speed up the game a bit more, something like the creeps switches position or sends out patrols to a strategic point to reclaim it from the intruders.

Keep up the good work Kallimachos.
Level 1
Aug 3, 2009
You're damn right this is a "COMEBACK". I haven't seen this map in months. And if ap0caplyse reccomended it when it still had minor issues (I've seen something about leaks mentioned), then I'm sure this lastest update will knock my socks off! (And I'm not even wearing any!)

- Rating : 4/5

*With a small touch of +Rep :3


Map Reviewer
Level 54
Jun 4, 2009
Nice map. Great effort constructing it. :thumbs_up:

I dislike the idea that almost every map has DOTA style items.
The circles could be the winning key. Say like in Unreal Tournament 2004's Double Domination (If a team controls all of the circles for 10 seconds they win).

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