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  • Im fine :) I got myself a new laptop. And, Im moving to a student corridor room right next to my university in the late august. It'll be something new for sure :D
    You are welcome man! Well don't worry you need only 2 reps to be sure. But yeah maybe you can give now...
    And you deserve one more rep from me so you can spread reputation. As I know if it wasn't changed yet user from 10 reps can give reputations. You have 8! Just one more!
    Nah... I didnt have time to fix maps because I was map moderator here, I had lot of jobs.... I tested over 1000 maps. I explained that to that guy hwo posted that attachment in Pm, and he told me he didn't mean to call me newb.
    Well I understand those arrogant people sometimes... I met lot of them in map section.
    Hey man! Glad you like it! Well yeah map is old, it has some issues with Heroes. You can build them unlimited times. yeah I have to fix that and few other things!
    hey man if you checked map naga race, I have map chaos orc race too!
    Well thanks you man I saw you like that my model too! :cgrin:
    It is possible to have disabled reputation but then you must ask any mod in the private forum section (somewhere.). However you wont get negrepped if you do something wrong, since you in that case disable the rep. You get an infraction, and 2 infractions equals to ban!

    By the way, the pirate song is from lazy town ~~
    YouTube - You Are A Pirate (Lazy Town)
    Meh, it's a project me and Volvox started on during these holydays. We haven't came that far on it yet, so there is not alot to show. Ill give you more info when the time is right:p
    ;)... I had to reinstall my pc when I got it. By erasing it manually like Volvox said, sure it doesnt harm the computer, but its not always certain it gets everything left of it :s
    :p well... lets wait a few days and see... Hindy is also participating in the hive olympics.
    and I will probably not be active here this week, due to school :_:
    :p we are all waiting on HINDYhat. Earth-Fury has left for good I think, and Hindy accepted to judge. And well, he has already judged some, but snice he thought very many of them was really lousy, I dont know how long time it will take. He didn't felt like judging them if they were that bad lol^^

    He have said that mine is probably the best one when it comes to the coding. The concept however was boring. This happend to be said for all the entries so far >.>
    I was rather meaning that you could help someone. I mean, there are some who doesnt know ehere to find things at all:p
    ^^ loel. Alrighty, if you dont want to spend time learning then dont
    But you have some knowledge in the world editor. Learning how it work is not very hard
    because, your rep is "nulled". It means that you have less than 10 rep yourself, and cant really give me 1 rep. Your give like a positive feedback instead. Though, this is created so that noobs create an account only for rep up their mates without earning it
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