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Cosmic Fighter


"Uncle Lothar wants you!"

My second skin. Also compatible with the Captain/Blood Elf Lieutenant models. And alsoooooo compatible with Wandering Soul's Footmen variants.

Thought I could try something futuristic, and why not a modern style footman? Includes 9 variants. It's best using Ujimasa's Footman because the original models' wrap are a mess

- Uploaded the full colored tc variant, credits go to Ujimasa for the models, and johnwar for help separating the materials. Only use the Full TC with the models provided, not with the original models. Also uploaded icons for the skin

More preview images:




Credit me if you use this.


BTNCosmicCommander (Icon)

BTNCosmicFighter (Icon)

Cosmic Commander Full TC (Model)

Cosmic Fighter 1 (Texture)

Cosmic Fighter 2 (Texture)

Cosmic Fighter 3 (Texture)

Cosmic Fighter 4 (Texture)

Cosmic Fighter 5 (Texture)

Cosmic Fighter 6 (Texture)

Cosmic Fighter 7 (Texture)

Cosmic Fighter 8 (Texture)

Cosmic Fighter 9 (Texture)

Cosmic Fighter Full TC (Texture)

Cosmic Fighter Full TC (Model)

Level 48
Apr 18, 2008
@Deolrin @deepstrasz just thought I should ask, do any of you know how to make some part of the model a different material? I only know how to change filter mode, but...

View attachment 388677

As you can see around the eye ball and the end of the sword handle, the supposed transparent parts are now textured with tc because they share the same material with the main body itself 😅
Use Retera's Model Studio to single out the transparent parts and separate their geoset. Then attach a different material to them [through RMS or Magos]. There's tutorials abound I believe.