Corsair-Phoenix Starfighter

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Well, this is a spacecraft that came out of an idea 'what if a crafty dark templar has managed to tinker enough with a Phoenix craft to turn it into a Corsair, essentially giving it another type of attack'
For those who don't know, a corsair is an old 'Starcraft/Broodwar' protoss flying unit that essentially attacks air units by bombarding them with a lot of quick flares that it emits, causing it to eventually burn into oblivion.

This model has been set up to have many new things, like the three prongs that function as corsair armament, a little 'droid' on the back of the craft as a visual, a green-themed (void) energy system, including overcharged mode, graviton beam, and a sort of a quick boost system, where it turns 'overcharged' and leaves a phantom trail of itself, while doing an Aileron roll.

delphinium from sc2mapster; for tweaked animations and models for normal and overcharged death, along with green graviton beam effects
WingedArchon from sc2mapster; help with implementing the rest of the model, textures, icons, models for warp-in, placement, and aileron roll and its phantom-trail
me; for meshes and simple texture additions/tweaks

enjoy and credit us :v

Aileron Roll (Model)

Aileron Roll (no shadow) (Model)

Corsair-Phoenix Starfighter (Model)

Death (Model)

Diffuse (Texture)

Diffuse Overcharged (Texture)

Emissive (Texture)

Emissive Overcharged (Texture)

Emissive RGB (Texture)

GravBeam 1 (Texture)

GravBeam 2 (Texture)

GravBeam 3 (Texture)

GravBeam 4 (Texture)

GravBeam 5 (Texture)

GravBeam 6 (Texture)

GravBeam 7 (Texture)

Graviton Beam Bubble Green (Model)

Graviton Beam Green (Model)

Green Holo (Texture)

Install instructions (Binary)

Normals (Texture)

Overcharged (Model)

Overcharged Death (Model)

Placement (Model)

Placement Green (Model)

Regular Holo (Texture)

Shield 1 (Texture)

Shield 2 (Texture)

Shield 3 (Texture)

Small Unit Icon (Texture)

Specular (Texture)

Unit Icon (Texture)

Warp-In (Model)

Warp-In 1 (Texture)

Warp-In 2 (Texture)

Warp-In Green (Model)

Wireframe (Texture)

Looks cool! The green theme you decided on really adds some spice to the model.