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Level 3
Dec 16, 2014

Champions of River's End v.1

Game mode overview:

Game type: Custom, Team PvP, Global Quest
Suggested players: 6-10
Approximate game time: 8-20 minutes
Skill cap: Pretty low
Main Objective: Kill Roshan and bring the Aegis to the Secret shopkeeper to win the game!

Currently Features:
- A custom map
- Four custom NPCs
- Six custom structures
- One reworked NPC (Roshan)
- One reworked Item (Aegis)
- One global quest (first team to complete the quest wins the game)


How to play:
1. After Hero selection each team spawn in their Team base
2. Around the map there are items, find them before your opponent to gain advantages
3. You can find Roshan at the top of the map
4. You can find the Secret Shop at the bottom of the map
5. Your team starts with three Crystals, each Crystal buffs you, at start they are invulnerable
6. Every night all players are teleported to the graveyard (middle of the map)
7. Your and your opponents Crystals are made vulnerable
8. In your base there is a Teleporter that takes you to the Graveyard, you can use it both ways
9. Four Skeleton Champions are spawned for each Team near your teams Crystals
10. After a while additional Skeletons will spawn and walk towards the enemy Crystals
11. Destroying the enemy Crystals is optional
12. After four minutes the Graveyard Event is over and you can move around on the entire map
13. Kill Roshan that carries the Aegis
14. Pick up the Aegis and bring it back to the Shopkeeper
14a. If the player that carries the Aegis is killed it will be removed from the inventory and can be picked up by another player (it does not save you from death!)
15. First team to bring the Aegis back to the Secret shopkeeper wins the game

As a hero of the Radiant or the Dire you are bound to walk these lands until the Shopkeeper get his Aegis back...if you are too weak to do anything about it you will be stuck here forever, but with a decent team you might have a chance!


Dire Team spawn


Items are placed around the map, item placement is indicated by a decal on the ground


There are two "home"-shops in the town


During the day all Graveyard Crystals are invulnerable

Night: Graveyard Event
All heroes are teleported to the Graveyard. Destroy the enemies Crystals to weaken their powers, you can use the graveyard teleporter to go back and forth between your base and the Graveyard.
When both enemy Crystals in the Graveyard are destroyed their top Crystal is weakened
This event will trigger every night.


Use the teleporter to move between your Base and the Graveyard (this teleporter is only active during the Graveyard Event). You can teleport to your opponents base by using the teleporter on the opposite side from yours.


At night your Graveyard Crystals are made vulnerable, four NPC champions spawn on each side of the Graveyard


Lane Creeps during the Graveyard Event in the middle


Final Objective: Aegis -to-> Secret shopkeeper = Win!
When Roshan is killed the Aegis will flopp on the ground until somebody picks it up. First team to bring the Aegis back to the Secret shopkeeper wins the game.


When Roshan is killed the Aegis will drop on the floor


There is a particle system playing on the Hero that carries the Aegis, the Aegis is fully sharable and can be given/dropped at anytime, if the player that carries the Aegis dies it will drop to the ground


The orange glow indicates the trigger volume you need to enter to complete the quest


The monastic town of River’s End had always been quiet, even after the fall of the Mad Moon. From time to time, merchants brought news of skirmishes and bandits, but they seemed always to be far from the sleepy township. Instead, life in River’s End revolved around the production of the beers and cheeses that had made the town famous.

At the height of its popularity, River’s End played host to a visit from the Secret Shop itself, its lone attendant hawking rare artefacts like none the townsfolk had seen. The Secret Shop attracted the attention of heroes from far flung regions, searching for ways to augment their strange powers and unnatural strengths. Far away, curled in his rocky nest, Roshan sensed the gathering power and stirred.

Reaching River’s End in the dead of night, Roshan found the Secret Shop unattended, its wares strewn hither and thither across the countertops. Buried among the relics, there pulsed an ancient power. He raked a claw across the treasures, scattering swords and precious stones, revealing the Aegis of the Immortal. Satisfied with his theft and with the sun rising, the ancient beast retreated to the basement of the town’s chapel, where the cool stone walls reminded him of the pit he was spawned in.

As the sun rose, the secret shopkeeper rose and repacked his bedroll, readying himself for another day of explaining basic economics to the Ogre Magi. When he saw that the shop had been plundered while he slept, he flew into a rage and cursed the town of River’s End. He swore on any gods that would listen that he would strike down whoever had raided the shop.

The sky darkened as he made his oaths, a thick layer of cloud dimming the morning sun. Thunder pealed and lightning rent the air, but he continued, invoking names and creatures that none of the townsfolk had heard from, calling on debts and favours in languages long since extinct.

The gods answered his prayer, a vast blade fell from the sky, tongues of flame creeping up its leading edge. The sword cleaved through the chapel, missing the sleeping Roshan by inches. Though he escaped being crushed by the blade, he was bound to it, destined wait in the shattered chapel for death to find him.

Despite their innocence, the curse left none of the inhabitants of River’s End untouched. A tide of avarice turned friends and neighbours into enemies as looting and pillaging swept the town.

As a wandering hero, you spawn outside River’s End…


- Position your hero in the Graveyard before night starts.
- All item-spawners (except wards) is marked with a symbol on the ground, items only spawn once per game.
- As long your team has one Graveyard Crystals alive you will automatically gain experience until level 25.
- You can sell and buy items near the mailboxes in the town
- You can teleport to friendly Crystals
- The respawn timer is fixed at: 20 seconds

1. You need to have Steam and Dota 2 installed
2. You need to Subscribe to the workshop file, found here.

1. Launch Dota 2
2. Go into the Arcade tab
3. Find the workshop item in your Library
4. Press the big green play-button

All suggestions/bug reports is appreciated!
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