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Cordana Felsong

This model was edited based on Realistic Maiev/Warden(5 versions included) author: Kacpa2
Texture is recolored based on this: Warden.blp

I edited this model on her armor geo structure, including re-designing her shoulder armors, replace boots part, add a mask and re-design her cape with a war damaged style. (i.e.
It also solves the visual defect of Wc3 Warden model of which her right hand is incorrectly placed out of her cape).

Also I repolished her gear apperance. (armor surface glow, animated glow of helm horns and weapon part)

All external texture have been merged in one .blp file.

*Update History*
  • 01/05/2023 - .mdx passed Sanity Test, fixed visual problems in several animations, changed the texture used in texture animation, added heroglow and particles of body. (correctly disapear when playing Death)
  • 07/05/2023 - Updated portrait model with the texture mapping problems fixed ---- thanks to StonemaulMidget

Matched Icons were provided below this post in replys ---- thanks to Gnuoy

Cordana Felsong (Model)

CordanaFelsong_Portrait (Model)

General Frank
A nice model edit with custom geometry and a custom skin. Base model and skin were edited from other people. They look nicely adapted.
Level 18
May 19, 2021
Nice model.
zhe ye tai hao kan le 8~
Thanks for your praise, however as the moderator said above, there are lot things of bundles to be fixed by next update. I’m always glad to recieve feedback of model about bugs or something need to be improved, from who used her in map.
Xie Xie Zhi Chi. :cute:
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Level 18
May 19, 2021
it's ok you can just add them to your pack. it just took a few mins to screen shot and convert and i made really no artistic contribution besides just taking a screenshot of your model
Emm , I don't know how to upload a image as source in bundles,together with models in this post. I just find a assets adding button which direcets to exist resource posted. :psmile: But i set a link and images in my post know. I think your icons for her are good to use.