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Connection Trouble, persisting...oh the problems.

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Level 35
May 22, 2007
Greetings Children of the HIVE.

As you well know, I have been absent from this haven for a while.

As of now, I am accessing the forums through a proxy (and it is quite limited, and drasitcally reduces what I can do)

The reason, connection problems.

For some reason (as I have stated to Donut, and Earth-Fury) I have not been able to connect to the HIVE, or the site, sourceforge.net.

I do not quite know the reason, and I forgot what exactly it was EF said was the problem...hopefully he can post it here in detail.

I was wondering if any of you have had a similar problem?

Where you recieve a "page cannot be displayed (or similar)" when ever you tried to access the HIVE or other sites, especially when a program called CA security center is your web protector/anti virus.

My computer I believe, does not want to connect to the hive's IP. It says it has "timed out" when I run the IP check in run>CMD>ping IP...and the same goes for sourceforge.net.

Is there a way to reestablish the IP connection?

Any help reconnecting to my Haven here, will be highly appreciated.


-Elenai Elenya-
Level 8
Jul 24, 2007
i don't know much of conectin and all stuff but i try :smile:

Well i think it has to do with your anti virus program and can you connect with other site.
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