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Concept for campaign - Resistance: Death to the Undead!

Discussion in 'Screenwriting, Storyboarding & Concept Creation' started by Basinator, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. Basinator


    Jul 25, 2007

    I have currently a concept for a campaign in my mind. The campaign concept is all about fun and weird dialogues, and I - TBH - cannot say if I ever start making that campaign. But if you like it and you may want to create it, I can surely support you with my creative ideas :p

    The story takes place in Lordareon, where people are forming themselves into resistances versus King Arthas' reign.

    Char name: Rockin Bastard (?)
    Model: Arthas with Guitar and maybe sound boxes, like at the end of the TFT campaign video (Earth, Storm & Fire)
    Headbang - Hits the target with a huge headbang, dealing damage and stunning the target.
    Rockwave - Bastard focusses his sound energys into a huge wave, dealing AOE damage to units in it's path.
    Moonwalk - Bastard dances passivly wildly around. Evades enemy attacks and gives him the abilty to bash enemies.
    Ultimate: King of Rock'n'Roll - Transforms Bastard into Elvis. HP boost, damage boost, ranged chaos attack and the abilty to cast additional spells for some time:
    Sound Crack - Damages an enemy unit by cracking his head with the maximum sound volume. Deals 400 damage.
    Rock Frenzy - Bastard attacks 50% faster for a short time.

    Char name: Achmed (or maybe as a boss enemy)
    Class: The dead Terrorist
    Silence! I kill you! - Achmed put his anger to the lived in a manifestation of bombs. Deals heavy damage to all units in an area. Causes enemies to be silenced for a short while because they are afraid of Achmed.
    I will kill you all! - Enters a state of an increased attack range and bash and critical strike.

    Char name: Blackstar
    Class: Noisy Assassin
    Char info: Yep, that Blackstar from the Anime Soul Eater. His loudly character hinders him to become a succesful assassin. Gets the party into trouble all of the time.
    Blackstar Dark Wave - Hitting the innerest of the enemy, dealing a lot of damage and saps away a lot of his magical energies. Damages and burns Mana.
    Mode: Devil's Blade - Blackstar uses the Devil's Blade weapon which he can't fully control yet. Deals additional, huge bonus damage per attack but also damages Blackstar until he learned his ultimate.
    Dual Power - Calls his soul partner Tsubaki. Tsubaki has various ninja skill abilities and auras to strengthen Blackstar.
    Devil's Blade Skill Perfection (passive?) - Blackstar accepts the other being within Tsubaki. Allows him to use the the Mode: Devil's Blade ability without having to pay lifepoints as a cost, giving him also strong critical strike. Gives an evasion and movement bonus of 25%.

    Char name: Un Dad Love
    Class: Necrophile
    Dialouge on founding at a graveyard:
    Un Dad: "Hehe, I bet this chicks had great boobs. Let's see...."
    Bastard: "Hey, what are you doing here? Sealing the undeads away?"
    Un Dad: "No no, I am not raping unde....I mean yeah, yeah! I am sealing them away, hum...."
    Bastard: "Then join our party! We will kick some undead asses at their base!"
    Un Dad: "Wait, you are going to go directly to their bases? Of course I will share my lov...clap them on the asses with you!"

    Emergency Hornyness - Womanizer! - Shares Un Dad's love with the undeads. Not being pleased by that, they are running wildly around in a panic. Deals a lot of damage over time and makes them running around while then.
    Honey Marriage - Un Dad is shocking an undead unit by getting totally in love with it and making a marriage proposal. The undead cannot endure this shock. The pain of the victim causes the brain to become totally exploding. Deals huge damage and stuns.
    Love Strike (passive?) - Every attack on an undead makes them getting into a huge pain. The pain also shared by nearby enemy undead units.
    Deal's bonus damage and splash damage in a huge area with each attack.
    Ultimate: Love to the Undead! Un Dad's finally becomes skilled and sneaky enough to convince an enemy undead unit to rally with the player's forces. Low Manacosts, low cooldown.
    (Alt name: Come to me, Darling!)

    So what do you think about it so far?