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Comic Book Heros wants You!

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Level 4
Sep 4, 2007

I created a map called Comic Book Heros that I have been working on for sometime, but have reached the limits of my abilities and currently looking for a "Super Pimp Map Maker". Preferrably a long time experienced JASS programmer that can help finish game and may want to help create part 2 CBH "Civil War".

The current version of the game can be found here at The Hive:
:fp: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/resources_new/maps/6188

It is a role playing map with 24 legendary Comic Book Heros. I wanted to keep it in the ROC world so all could play and enjoy. I did most of the skinning and credit 4 from resources found here. The skins are all based on basic Wc3 models. There are 7 main quest levels with 10 Super villian Bosses.

The map was created in GUI Worldeditor using custom scripts by converting the triggers when regular ROC could not handle the code without wanting to go TFT. Therefor there are several short comings in the game that i would like to have resolved for the final version. I would also like to add some extra sauce to the game that I could never touch with my current map making ability, but would love to learn in the process. Another big improvement would be reducing the 2.5mb size so it downloads and runs better.

If you are interested in getting involved with Comic Book Heros, please message me, or leave a post here with examples of your top work, and basic knowledge description.

All thanks goto "The Hive Workshop" and the users that helped answer my questions to get this project off the ground to a playable fun filled adventure.

Mammoth28 aka Cybertec
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