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Colored Text

Discussion in 'World Editor Help Zone' started by Lee_Go, Nov 3, 2009.

  1. Lee_Go


    May 1, 2009
    I have a question on how to get different colored texts besides yellow. How do I know the code to put in a description box?
  2. DragoonZombie


    Mar 24, 2005
    The color codes are like this:
    This will return: Text

    Their structure is like this: |cffRRGGBBText|r

    So, if you would like to have, for example, the text being red it will look like this:

    There are alot of Colorizer tools out there, where you type in smth, choose your color and then press generate. It will give you the desired results.
    JNGP even has a integrated colorizer inside the object editor.
  3. manstie


    Mar 10, 2008
    We can change the colour of: Tooltips, Messages, Dialogs, Map names, Ability descriptions, and basically anything else that is identified as text (type: string) in Warcraft 3.
    Hex numbers:

    The hexadecimal system uses 16 numeric characters: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F
    Numbers 0 through 9 are just like our regular numbers. Then there are 6 extra characters, represented by letters A through F. A=10 B=11 C=12 D=13 E=14 F=15

    Using just two digits, you can express 256 different numbers in hex:

    Code (Text):
    0=00 1=01 2=02 3=03 4=04 5=05 6=06 7=07 8=08 9=09 10=0A 11=0B 12=0C 13=0D
    14=0E 15=0F 16=10 17=11 18=12 19=13 20=14 21=15 22=16 23=17 24=18 25=19 26=1A 27=1B
    28=1C 29=1D 30=1E 31=1F 32=20 33=21 34=22 35=23 36=24 37=25 38=26 39=27 40=28 41=29
    42=2A 43=2B 44=2C 45=2D 46=2E 47=2F 48=30 49=31 50=32 51=33 52=34 53=35 54=36 55=37
    56=38 57=39 58=3A 59=3B 60=3C 61=3D 62=3E 63=3F 64=40 65=41 66=42 67=43 68=44 69=45
    70=46 71=47 72=48 73=49 74=4A 75=4B 76=4C 77=4D 78=4E 79=4F 80=50 81=51 82=52 83=53
    84=54 85=55 86=56 87=57 88=58 89=59 90=5A 91=5B 92=5C 93=5D 94=5E 95=5F 96=60 97=61
    98=62 99=63 100=64 101=65 102=66 103=67 104=68 105=69 106=6A 107=6B 108=6C 109=6D 110=6E 111=6F
    112=70 113=71 114=72 115=73 116=74 117=75 118=76 119=77 120=78 121=79 122=7A 123=7B 124=7C 125=7D
    126=7E 127=7F 128=80 129=81 130=82 131=83 132=84 133=85 134=86 135=87 136=88 137=89 138=8A 139=8B
    140=8C 141=8D 142=8E 143=8F 144=90 145=91 146=92 147=93 148=94 149=95 150=96 151=97 152=98 153=99
    154=9A 155=9B 156=9C 157=9D 158=9E 159=9F 160=A0 161=A1 162=A2 163=A3 164=A4 165=A5 166=A6 167=A7
    168=A8 169=A9 170=AA 171=AB 172=AC 173=AD 174=AE 175=AF 176=B0 177=B1 178=B2 179=B3 180=B4 181=B5
    182=B6 183=B7 184=B8 185=B9 186=BA 187=BB 188=BC 189=BD 190=BE 191=BF 192=C0 193=C1 194=C2 195=C3
    196=C4 197=C5 198=C6 199=C7 200=C8 201=C9 202=CA 203=CB 204=CC 205=CD 206=CE 207=CF 208=D0 209=D1
    210=D2 211=D3 212=D4 213=D5 214=D6 215=D7 216=D8 217=D9 218=DA 219=DB 220=DC 221=DD 222=DE 223=DF
    224=E0 225=E1 226=E2 227=E3 228=E4 229=E5 230=E6 231=E7 232=E8 233=E9 234=EA 235=EB 236=EC 237=ED
    238=EE 239=EF 240=F0 241=F1 242=F2 243=F3 244=F4 245=F5 246=F6 247=F7 248=F8 249=F9 250=FA 251=FB
    252=FC 253=FD 254=FE 255=FF
    Building a colour code:

    A colour code has the following parts:

    * (4) The starting tag is always |cff. |c means start the colour and ff would be the alpha value, but since texts cannot have transparency, these 2 characters are actually obsolete.
    * (2) Red tone, determines how much red is in the colour 00-ff
    * (2) Green tone, determines how much green is in the colour 00-ff
    * (2) Blue tone, determines how much blue is in the colour 00-ff
    * (x) The text itself, can be of any length.
    * (2) The closing tag is |r it turns the text colour back to white, can be omitted, acts exactly like |cffffffff.

    In one sentence: Colours are applied with |cTTRRGGBBx|r, where |c starts the colour, TT is useless, RR is red, GG is green, BB is blue, x is the coloured text itself and |r stops the colour.
    Common Colours:

    Code (Text):
    |cff77bbffLight Blue|r
    |cff116644Dark Green|r
    |cffffcc00Hotkey (Gold colour)|r
    Rainbow colours:

    Many people use programs for generating colourful texts because they can't or don't want to understand how warcraft works. You can get colouring tools from the Tools Section. One that I use is http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/tools-560/colourizer-v0-3c-135506/ which can colourize other things too!

    There is no official standard for colour code format, I have seen them in lower-, upper- and even mixed-case. I suggest using lowercase hex codes, because all Blizzard-made tooltips are in lowercase and XHTML strictly enforces lowercase hex codes as well.
  4. Lynxxx


    Jan 5, 2009