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Coder Search

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Level 11
Apr 13, 2006
Looking For An Experienced Flash Coder

Hey Guys,

I am searching for an experienced flash programmer. I want to create a rather complex flash game (based off Element TD). I am offering payment for this.

Please PM me or post here if interested.
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Level 15
Jun 28, 2007
Ide be able to create you a flash eletd no payment is nessary but i keep all .fla files

i lole the map and if this is my way of saying thank you then let it be so

now do know stuff like this takes a lot of time but i'm gona write you a basic version also i'm going to try to wirte a engen for it so you can write your own version of it useing .xml
Now do note this is the first time i had to make a eletd simulater so its going to be a wihile to get it to the ful emu point

Dr Super Good

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Level 64
Jan 18, 2005
DesKaladA you need to improve your spelling, it is falling to worse standards than mine.

Firstly I have to ask, why flash? There are tons of other perfectly good programing languages to make such a system in (java will also do I think) so why did you choose flash?

Secondly, why are you not posting a link to the map in question? Not that it is really needed as your signature has one but it would overall make it easier for people to know what you want.

Finally, do not get your hopes up that DesKaladA will fully make the game, he is very busy and has complained a lot recently about being over worked. So although I am not denying that he might make it for you as I am sure he is capable, he just might never finish it. Do not take this badly DesKaladA but who knows, maybe you will prove me wrong.

Anyway, I recomend you (the topic creator) do some basic research into what the engine must be capable of (as far as graphics, support and how the actuall thing plays as well as what are the maximums the system must cope with to avoid un nescescary programming). Creating a list will help your future programmers to not overlook something important and thus avoide bugs later on. Also remember that you will need separate artists if you want any flashy graphics (which most likely you will).

P.S. You forgot to mention if it should suport multiplayer or if it is just single player. This is important as something like that may be a large part of the programming.
Level 6
Nov 1, 2007
The game itself will be singleplayer. However, I would like there to be some sort of ladder/point system so players can compete. As for the format, .swf would be great.


that sounds really cool, so basically a kind of like a highscore database stored on a server somewhere?
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