[Need Info] Cloaking Colors?

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Jun 30, 2014
Can the Cloak model be recolored in the editor itself? I've heard that it can, but am unsure of how to do it.

I know there are two cloaking colors built in, the standard blue one ("protoss cloak effect") and a red one, "terran cloak effect", different model file, change which one by making your own version from the base cloak model and setting the model file to the "terran" one. "Terran" is in quotes because I've never seen any terran units use it, but the model file goes "Assets\Effects\Terran\TerranCloakingEffect\TerranCloakingEffect.m3".

What I'm wondering is if I can make a purple, yellow (and so on) version of the cloak model, within the SC2 editor itself. Do I need to export, use outside image-editing software, and then import back in?

As a tangent to this, where do I make the model used for the cloak ability something other than the basic CloakModel? (yes, I could modify the core CloakModel, but then it would change the model for all units that cloak, which I don't want.)

EDIT: @Dr Super Good: Actually, I'm not sure how cloak is colored. Is the cloak glow an actual model with a tinting color, or is it a texture or what? (I can't find tinting color fields anywhere for anything. Yet another thing I don't know where to find in SC2 editor.)

EDIT: Alright, changing the core cloak model to a different model file (something other than the "protoss" (standard) or the "terran" (red) CloakEffect model files - example: the Hachery model) causes cloaking to have no visual effect. Not entirely sure what that means in terms of how cloak works, though.

EDIT: Anyone around here know about how Cloaking works in terms of visuals? It doesn't have an actor for the visuals (as far as I know), which is strange. In fact, I can't find anywhere where the game relates the cloaking visual effect to the cloaking behavior, except the core CloakModel, which is universal to all cloaking behaviors.

EDIT: Model Swap to CloakModel changes a unit's model to the "example" units used in the model file, but it cloaks properly. It seems unlikely that they (the cloak models, not the example models) are actual models. Oh, and tinting colors so far have only affected the unit model, not the cloak color (I might just be doing it wrong, there is still so much I don't know).

Will edit again when I know more.

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