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Cloak Of Flames Bundle

This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
Originally made by Blizzard and edited by Goblinounours, uploaded by me with his permission.

I am guessing that this one has sufficient edits to make it beyond a simple port.

If not, move it to the ported section. I don't mind.

Cloak Of Flames Bundle (Icon)

Felfire (Icon)

Fire (Icon)

Ice (Icon)

Lightning (Icon)

Shadow (Icon)

Level 17
Apr 8, 2017
Amazing icons but for these who would like to use them (like me) as item-only icons, the face doesn't give a 100% item-icon appearance

Still being good icons anyways, can i remove the face? (If i use it), for own purposes obv :), giving u credit too

Hope you can understand my trash english :)