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[SD/Modeling] classic verstion

There's a great Apothecary model very similar to this concept, made by @A.R. years ago; but it's trapped on the dead site Wc3C.

I'm on mobile but @stein123 , do you have it handy to share?
If you mean the Grand Apothecary hero model I have it.


  • GrandApothecary_Portrait.mdx
    49.6 KB · Views: 6
  • GrandApothecary.mdx
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  • ApothecaryWrap.blp
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Level 30
Sep 17, 2010
Yup, here it is (AnemicRoyalty's Grand Apothecary):
Also, -Grendel made a cool apothecary model too: Vial Heart


  • HeroGrandApothecary.rar
    284.4 KB · Views: 4

Here you go hope this is what you had in mind :)