Christmas Village Template v1.2

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Hell_Master proudly Presents

Christmas Village Template
Created by Hell_Master

Map Info:

This is a terrain template type of map that is a Christmas Village Template (the name says it all...) made for the special event, Christmas.

A map set in the great village of magic and wonders, the Christmas Village. Where elves, animals such as reindeers and Santa lies. This village is said to be the main place of Santa and his reindeers. Because of this, the village got many visits from tourists but they never saw Santa yet but maybe he will arrive at the day of Christmas!


The map features a terrain template set in Northrend Tilesets and world.

  • A decent terrain for everyone to use.
  • Santa inside the map

Some else stuff about map:

This map would not be possible without Sliph-M and Felipe Gormadoc's project, Christmas Quest. A very special thanks to their project which fully motivated me to make this for all of you guys out there. That is why this terrain is somehow base on their terrain.

Screenshots and Videos:

Image Description:
The Great Frozen Fountain


Image Description:
Santa and the Christmas Tree


Image Description:
A Village View


Image Description:
A Village View (1)


Image Description:
A Village View (2)


Image Description:
The Great Fountain (with skies)


Image Description:
Santa and the whole Village


Change Log:

  • Added some more tile variations in the terrain.
  • Added a little amount of doodads in the template
  • Added Snow Owl critter to make the terrain much more livelier.
  • Removed the unecessary Melee Initialization Trigger in it.

  • Changed the building structure for the template to better fit it's theme
  • Resized the owl. It is now much smaller.
  • Removed the Villagers because it makes the template much more occupied and also, restricts it as a terrain template type of map


Special Thanks:
  • Sliph-M
  • Felipe Gormadoc
  • Heinvers

  • MiniMage
  • Elenai
  • Debode
  • olofmoleman
  • IamMclovin
  • Shadow_killer
  • [email protected]
  • Gottfrei
  • Bloody_Turds
  • Dan van Ohllus
  • Cloudwolf

Author's notes:

I hope you have fun using this template and also hoping you might find use into it. Again, special thanks to Sliph-M and Felipe Gormadoc for the inspiration!

Also, you are free to add, remove or edit anything in the map and of course, this is a terrain template. It would lose it purpose as a terrain template if I restricted you from doing those, right?

Map Description Template Created by -Kobas-
Find more here: Map Description - Templates

Christmas, Santa, Village, Snow, Terrain, Template

Christmas Village Template v1.2 (Map)

01:37, 13th Mar 2014 Orcnet: Supposedly, this map should be moderated 1 day before Christmas which I left by. Testing around the the total view of the map's ground work was given a fair taste of decorations. Should you give some dimensional look by...




01:37, 13th Mar 2014
Orcnet: Supposedly, this map should be moderated 1 day before Christmas which I left by. Testing around the the total view of the map's ground work was given a fair taste of decorations. Should you give some dimensional look by adding heights or cliff levels that results the map with more space maximization and more map value. I'd still give it an acceptable rating, Merry Christmas.
Level 21
Nov 4, 2013
I had a look at ur template and actually it got some flaws:
- As Footman said, the terrain is flat
- Also, there isn't a lot of tile variation! Just three: Dark Dirt, Snow and Ice. Why didn't u use Grass, Rocky Ice and especially Dirt for the paths?

However, I noticed that the template has its good points like:
- Good choice of models
- The central part is magnificent, with the marvellous christmas tree and the tuskarr Santa Claus with his reindeers
- Appropriate fog, sky and weather effect

To conclude, I'll give a 3/5 Could be a lot better!
Oh, I forgot to say that I VOTE FOR APPROVAL!
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A nice terrain template.

- Nice view with Santa.
- Those deers.. are just cute.
- Those flying things are cool.
- Terrain is flat according to screenshots.
- Lack of tile variation in the screenshot.
- Village is too generic to existing Northrend Terrain.
- A little empty in terms of doodads, according to screenshots.
- Change Debode to Deolrin, new people might get confused.
- Raise, lower, and smooth or plateau.
- Don't put too much non-snow tiles in an area.
Level 6
Dec 26, 2013
Here's my review. Sorry that I don't rate this because new users cant rate any resources :(


Christmas Village Template Review
Review by IamFootman061

Good things:

Models. The models fits perfectly for me.
Tiles. The tile variations is good to me too. Especially the pathing ground.

Fair things:

Units. Some of your unit is too big and too small. The villager is small and the owl was too big.

Bad things:

Houses. The houses doesn't have any christmas decorations. It sucks for me. :(


You need to put some christmas decorations to houses and in every places also.
Balance the Scale of the units.
Level 29
Nov 29, 2012
Updated to v1.2 with the following changes

  • Changed the building structure to something different to better fit the theme.
  • Resized the Snow Owl's size and balanced it out hopefully.
  • Removed the Villagers because it only takes up space and makes the template much more occupied and restricted

And, also, I am in search of snow themed doodads/destructibles/structures pack to improve this and that would fit the terrain's quality but specifically, a christmas-themed archway (maybe, a candy cane archway). If you have find some, please do link it. This goes without saying but +rep and you'll be in the Special Thanks sections.

Good day!


Arena Moderator
Level 52
May 7, 2010
The ice cube you suggested seems odd Shadow Fury. Please do not suggest Shadow Fury to mix high res models with cartoonish models. Anyway the new house skins are fitting better this theme imo. I see that the tile variation is a bit too messy(I'll skip the flat terrain comment because it would ruin the village), the post lanterns too large(too many of them also). The fog is good:) Plus that I would look for a better frozen fountain if I were you Hell_Master. The snow man jump?!? I would remove those owls, the terrain is already falling into a cinematic category! Anyway those fences too could have some snow on them. The pixies are a nice touch to the village btw:)I would give it a 3/5.
Take your time Hell Master. I'll check this if you update this template:)
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