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A custom skin for the "Sentinel / Huntress" unit, to make a Bloodelf "Cheetah Rider" unit. Proper pathing is in the README .txt

A mix of CNP, color changes, and freehand. Hope you like, I think it looks quite cool. :)

NEW: Ok, I fixxed some minor things, like giving the Cheetah a white underbelly, and I did as was suggested, made the hair a shade darker. Also, boobs on the back are now a no-no.
Ho ho ho.

Thanks for all the comments on the first version. Be sure to leave your new ones here. HULK NEED FEEDBACK.

PS. Icon updated as well.

Blood, Elf, Sentinel, warden, huntress, cheetah, cat, lion, panther

CheetahRider (Texture)

THE_END: Good Blood Elf reskin
Level 6
Apr 15, 2004
Its purely great, but a few items on the cheetah would make it better like red bracers around the legs, else it looks kinda wierd at distance. Aswell, you could make the shield look alittle like the spellbreaker shield. :wink:
Level 13
Jul 28, 2004
at the 2nd shot, there is no shading in front of her leg area, on the cheetah, add more shadows, brown stuff here. the cheetah isn't enough orange-like, it's too pale here. the face is already more orange than the body, but a more would be nescesarry.

someone else noticed the crazy line at her throat, the shading, maybe an accident, is too dark and deep. it would look like shit on the portrait.

from the 2nd shot her armor really looks like too blank - and it's true, on the blp it's really empty,
here again you gotta do something immediatly.

and this time, don't delete the submission, replace it.

1/5 +1 for not being a boring recolor, 2/5 -1 beceause you submitted twice and i had to remake my comment.
result 2/5 on the physical aspect
1/5 on the technical aspect
3/5 on the originality
Level 2
Jul 21, 2004
This model is awesome. I'm defiantely going to use this model in my up and coming AOS Map 'Prologue to the Revolution'. It shows great skill on the cheetah's part and the blood-elven feel to the armor matches the cheetah.
Honestly Wormskull, is it difficult to breath with your head that far up your ass? Get off your delusional high horse and go away if you can't appreciate this fine skin.

Level 1
Aug 3, 2004
gay wormskull strikes again-my duty: tell the world of his gay acts, he criticizes but has never made a skin before... I HOPE U DIE WORMSKULL-U DONT DESERVE TO LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!! once again-make a skin or shut ur nmouth
Level 2
Mar 28, 2004
Wormskull is not new to the art game. If you ever went to wc3c, you'd see that he is good. A lot better than most here. Also, under skin authors search for teneur2g and raisinhumide. Previous aliases of Wormskull for those who haven't worked it out yet.

I like wormskull. He may seem ruthless, and critical, but he is a great artis. You just can't see it because you all have your heads stuck up your own arses.

Anyway, the overall skin is good, but I think the cheetah is too bright. Darken it, and give it some shading and it should look better.

I do like the icon though.
Level 23
Jul 18, 2004
Khadhar'phak, even if Wormskull made skins before, he's sitting on a horse a mile high. That's a pretty damn high horse.

And I don't have my head stuck up my arse. I just disapprove of all negativity, all the time, just because "I could do better".

Also, under skin authors search for teneur2g and raisinhumide. Previous aliases of Wormskull for those who haven't worked it out yet.

Heh. How're we supposed to work that out? Compare IP's? :roll:

Anyway, he's on my shitlist for a comment like "-1 beceause i had to remake my comment." Point me to a single review of his that has something good to say, and I may loosen up.
Level 12
Jul 2, 2004
Nice to say the least. You could improve on the cheetah with a bit extras (pretty much like what the others posted)

And that's right. You see Wormskull on wc3campaigns. Never really saw anything but he looked like an oldie (not to offend his age or anything)
Level 4
May 31, 2008
please help me , i downlaoded the skin , imported it and set the pat to Textures\Sentinel.blp
but stil i didt see any cheetah... please help!